A glimpse further on

I stared wordlessly at the battling vampires beneath me, the voice of the others as they argued in the background. My mind, however, was on the new version that we had met. As different as the three of us, this fourth version was just as contrary, yet there was a similarity between all four of us. I could see the anger of Alex and myself in the new one and the coldness of Fernid emanated from him, too. I toyed with the idea of breaking his shell and getting to the inner most Troy that we all embodied. I didn’t know if it would work, however. As my mind wanders over what has happened, the voices behind me begin to seep into my awareness.
“I can’t see him sharing with us. If he’s anything like me, I wouldn’t want to share! Too many risks involved.”
“How do you work that out, Alex? You’re not -” John cut himself off but Alex picked up the thread.
“I’m not a vampire? No, I realise that but think along the lines of a feudal leader. That’s what Troy and Fernid have told me most Clan Leaders are like. I know I wasn’t even there but after Fernid had told me who they met, I put myself in his position and realised that I wouldn’t want to share at all. I’d rather conquer both territories and be the only leader of this dimension.”
“But you weren’t there to see him. How can you work out what he wants when there are two things you don’t have?”
“John, step back for a moment. I know you’re passionate but Alex has a point,” I listened closely as Katarina jumped in. “No Clan Leader would willingly share what they could conquer. Unless,” she paused and I spun around as she glanced in my direction.
“Unless he didn’t have the man-power to take both of us on.” I finished for her. “But if it were me, and in a way it is, I would attack before they expected it. I’d make sure there was no chance of them preparing for defence.” I turned bleak eyes to Katarina. “How far out are your troops?”
“When do you need them?”
“Now.” I turned to the others. “They’re not going to wait until tomorrow. Alex is right. He’s a full Clan Leader and fully immersed in their way of life. They don’t share. They take over, they raze, they conquer. We have to be prepared for anything. It’s time, ladies and gentlemen. Our fight is here.”