So this is my first attempt at an author’s website, so I’ll ask you all to be patient with me.

I have finished the alpha (hopefully, beta) versions of Consequences and have sent them to beta readers to have a look over. I am hoping to send one of them to the editor (the wonderful Jeanne) by the end of the month (I can see Jeanne’s face now!).

Now that I am in waiting mode, I have returned to Dark Reign, the sequel to Dark Dimensions. I have a page exclusively for Dark Reign and will pop some information in it there.

I do hope to have Consequences out soon for all to read. In the meantime, please keep the word going about Dark Dimensions and, just as importantly, KCEditions, my publisher.

Study highlights

Well, I may have found a hidden talent. Who knew I could write poetry?

Still, it’s not the same as writing a book from start to finish.

I am still going through Dark Reign, although the cover is getting closer as I edit. Once the editing is finished, it’ll go on to the next step which is beta readers. I am getting excited because this will be the first new book I’ve put out for a few years, and I’ve got a few strategies for getting more readers.

Because I had it pounded into me this week that before you get sales, you need readers, so the more readers you have, the more people get exposure to you.

So, my strategy will be focussed on readers to begin.

It’s quite exciting to look at it from that point and I can’t wait until I can get it up and running.

This weekend, however, I’m doing a bit of a refresh. Going away for a few days with only a laptop – no internet. I probably won’t work on Dark Reign but I may do a little of paranormal and other work.

Darn Cold

Yes, I got a cold. It was last week. Still not 100% but much, much better.

Thank the gods for Star Trek Discovery and South Park! I slept through most of South Park for the first day and then when I had a lack of energy the other days, I binged Discovery. What a dynamic show that is!

So, because I was virtually off the computer for two days, I did not get a lot done. But we are moving forward with publishing Dark Reign. Still editing it to death, but it’s going to be far better once the edits are done. Then it’ll go back to beta readers and then to the editor and finally proof reader for final check.

I will keep you informed and I do apologise for not writing last week.

Next week may be a short post because I will be away for most of the week.

For the next book after Dark Reign, it will probably be The Dark Road. I’ve tweaked that one and will probably tweak it again once Dark Reign is out but that shouldn’t take a lot to fix.

And I may have completed my paranormal story. Just have to have a read of it as a whole to see if that’s the case.

So that’s us up to date!


Okay, it’s getting closer to me being able to release a book. I have a cover artist and I am just waiting to hear back from them with regard to a cover.

I am going to be publishing Dark Reign first but have no fear – there is enough explanation in it to remind you all about what Dark Dimensions was about with a few new bits of information.

Dark Reign is mainly from a new character’s Point of View, but Troy is heavily involved in it and you’ll find out why when it comes out.

All I can say is – stay tuned!

A New Year

Wow, sounds like I’m about to mention Star Wars’ A New Hope!

No, I’m just welcoming 2023 into existence.

This is a new year. This is going to be our year to shine. We will all get back on the track we had planned out years ago.

Things are going to get better this year. I know it.

I’ve had a busy two or three weeks with work and with writing. Surprisingly, I wrote a 60,000 word book. It may never get published, but it was fun.

I’ve also started to rework Heart of Deception to reflect some things that happened in Marek’s life when he was younger. The feedback I’ve had so far is that it has made him a more rounded character, so I’m pleased with that.

I am working on some cover art for the first book to come out next year, but if the others are released from Amazon before that, then the first book may change.

It’s so exciting to be in a new year with so many new things happening!

Have a great 1 January 2023!


So, I’ve finally got a Customer Service person at Amazon to look into getting the books taken down, but until that happens, they’re still available to buy.

I’ve heard back from a couple of beta readers regarding Dark Dimensions, so I’ve put what I’ve got so far through into the book. Of course, with it being Christmas/New Year, I’m holding off badgering people.

I have yet to tweak the Consequences series, so they will get an upgrade before they go back out.

And, of course, they’ll all have new coverart before they’re re-released.

I have been toying with a few other bits of writing while waiting for things to happen, but I’m not sure if I’ll publish those bits – even if they do equate to roughly 60k! Have to check with the people who’ve read the first drafts of them.

I also have to confirm the ending of my paranormal novel which has been keeping me going when my fingers got itchy while waiting for things to happen.

I am considering putting Dark Reign out first depending on how long it takes to get the books released from Amazon.

Keep watching this space!

ave been toying with a few other bits of writing

Unfortunate News

I am taking this opportunity to confirm for some of you or announce to those are not aware of it that Corvus Quill Press has shut its doors.

I have been fighting to get Dark Dimensions, Heart of Deception and Legacy of Risks released since early November to no avail. After Christmas/New Year I will be contacting ArtsLaw in Sydney to see where I go with it.

This is why I haven’t done anything with Dark Dimensions over the last few weeks. I currently do not have a release letter and the publisher is ghosting me. Until I get that release letter, I cannot get the books taken down from Amazon.
I am toying with the idea of publishing Dark Reign because the main point of view is from a character who has never even heard of vampires, is only vaguely aware of dimensional theory and is a parallel version of Troy, so he is thrown into the deep end with vampires and dimensional travel. Also, I am hoping by doing this that it generates interest in the rewritten Dark Dimensions.

I would love to know everyone’s thoughts on that because if it works, I will be back in business.
Thanks for reading this long winded note!

About the Consequences series, that will have to be on hold until I can get the 2 books released. At the moment, that is not looking hopeful.


Hi, all, I’ve been working hard over the last few weeks, I think I’ve written roughly 30,000 words.

I am actually trying a different style of writing, so this particular book may be more for the adults than children.

I am enjoying the difference but surprised that I am loving it.

At the moment, the three books are still up for sale, for those who are still wanting them.

I will keep you informed as I go, but my Author page is up and running!


With Christmas and New Year fast approaching (sorry, if you hadn’t noticed it), I have realised that I need to prepare a separate, previously unpublished work to get published. So, while waiting on feedback for Dark Dimensions, I’ve been working on a serial killer story that I wrote many years ago.

It’s almost a rewrite and I’m still going through it the second time, but I’m hoping by the 3rd time it will be a lot better than it was. Already it’s grown, but it still needs to grow more.

Mind you, I’ve been playing with other versions of it that won’t get into the book, but that’s been entertaining, too.

The main thing is that I hope this book will be ready for beta readers in the next few weeks and that it’ll grow from there.

Stay tuned for more updates!

New Author Page

So, to get things ready for when I do my own publishing, I did a thing last night.

I created my own Amazon author page.

I’m still waiting for it to go live, but hopefully that will be later today. It was rather late for me last night to create it!

Also, I couldn’t figure out how to do an Amazon Australia author page, so I have the Amazon one. I think it will go across to the Australian site when it’s up and running. You’ll find the link below:

J.A. Duxbury

As I said, it’s not active yet, but I will let everyone know when it is.

Currently, all three books are still available on Amazon Australia.

One step done, umpteen more to go! Exciting and Scary at once!