Dark Reign continues

Well, now that the dreaded lurgy has almost past, I’ve started writing all those pesky connecting scenes and rewriting scenes that fit but just need tweaking or rewriting. After all, five restarts means that some of the scenes are not going to suit straight away.

This is part of the hard part of writing. When I’m writing what I want to write, it’s usually because it’s all there in my head and I have to get it down as quickly as possible. Which means I skip connectors and things like that. I’d love to have a ghost writer to write all those parts for me but that wouldn’t be growing me as a writer, nor would it be improving my writing skills. So there’s really nothing for it but to go back in and write all of those connecting scenes and explanation scenes.

Which can be boring. Yet in a way it helps with the pace of the book because it gives people a moment or two to recover from emotional issues that the book produces and bolsters them for the next emotional output from the next catastrophe to hit Troy and his people.

Hmm, better stop writing here before I give too much away!

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