When is it too much writing?

So this really is not what this topic is about.

This is about setting up your days for writing – or even art – and then having other work piled on top. Not that I mind the other work, but it becomes challenging when you’re trying to finish NaNoWriMo.

And not to say the other work is not important, just ill-timed! So it’s a matter of setting out time to do both. But when paid work gets involved, suddenly the days are numbered.

Nevertheless, it’s all a challenge to see how much you can do in a short timeframe. I can do this! I will do this!


Yes, it’s that time of year. It’s National Novel Writing Month. And I’m currently sitting at 15,708.

And, yes, I ignored the rules again – for the second time. I started with one story, but that needed a heap more thinking than I had done – given it was only 30 Oct when I had the dream that inspired it, I’m not surprised.

So I have gone to what I had half planned.

When writing Delta Recoveries, I accidentally created a whole new hybrid race. Yes, the particular 2 halves have been done before, but that’s neither here nor there. My two had their genes manipulated, then spliced, then manipulated again, then spliced once more. So there. Science behind it. (Just kidding.)

I realised, however, that Killion’s race has a complete and complex history behind it and I needed some of that to be written so I could work on his reactions in Delta Recoveries. So suddenly I’m writing his first diplomatic experience. So far he’s survived with just bumps on his head. I’m being very nice to him – knowing full well that he will have quite a long time in cryogenic suspension by the time he meets our team in orbit above Earth!

Of course, when it’s NaNoWriMo, I’m not supposed to be checking FB – unless it’s writing related. Well, not sure what happened, but got involved in 2 conversations about climate change and one convo was a sub thread on another topic. Not sure how that happened but that’s what happens when a group of writers get together.

Now it’s time to get back into writing this diplomatic encounter!


It’s holidays time and it’s November. Which means only one thing, really, and that’s National Novel Writing Month (or, NaNoWriMo, for short). It’s amazing how many years I’ve been doing this challenge and thoroughly enjoying it every year. 12 years.

And I have to thank NaNoWriMo. Out of it has come Clans in Conflict and Consequences. Soon to come from NaNoWriMo will be Delta Recoveries. But that’s for the future.

The subject today is – finally, I’m free-writing. No editing, just writing the story as it comes to me.

I had a few things on the go – my murder mystery that is currently waiting on the backburner, a historical story to go with Delta Recoveries and, of course, 3 nights before NaNoWriMo came the dream. Therefore, I started with the dream but there just wasn’t enough oomph in it to continue, so I swapped from super powered humans that included demons, etc., and aliens to just aliens, even if they are hybrid.

I’m pleased with how it’s going but I’m amazed that it’s another political story. Oh well, I suppose a lot of life is political and it just depends on how you look at events. But I’m not going there. This is not the platform for me to comment on life’s events, this is about how life affects my writing and how I write.

So I’m gearing up to do a lot more writing over the next 2 weeks and hope to hit the 50000 word finish line before I go back to work. Whatever I write after that will be a bonus!

And I’m attending 2 write-ins, this year – one in Midland on 13 November and one in Pinjarra on 16 November. I’ve got my NaNo shirt to proudly display on both days. So those of you in each area, watch out for the mad lunatics writing furiously away in a corner of the Dome cafe in each place.

Real Life

So I was working on Wednesday and I suddenly realised all my main characters have at least one of my traits – I hate waiting for something and not being able to do anything else because – well, because that’s how the situation is. Which made me laugh, of course.

We also watched Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue, Julian McMahon, Jeremy Sims and Asher Keddy in most of Swinging Safari. When I first saw it, I thought it was something from the 60s. But then we got stuck watching it. Talk about bringing back some memories. It was really quite funny, even though I felt they mixed some of the 60s stuff with the 70s stuff.

Stu asked, at one point: “Where did they get all the retro stuff?” I turned to him and said: “Did you see the kitchen? And the wall unit? They’re the modern thing, now. And Asher Keddy’s white room is a modernistic room that would fit in any house today.” So architecture and decor have done a complete 160 degree turn and are revisiting some of the most iconic times.

And when you think about it – the 60s and 70s houses were amazing – at least those that had money to build whatever they wanted really changed how housing could be built at the time. Now? Well, I think our city’s nickname has gone to Ikea. All the buildings and houses seem to be flatpacks …

Hanging in

So this week I really don’t have a lot to talk about, I know there are people out there who say I don’t “shut up” but sometimes, just sometimes, life goes treadling along happily.

I will say that we successfully cleared down 90% of the dining table and we hope to be picking up a second-hand solid oak table to take its place today. Not so big but lots of character by the looks of it. I’m thinking it’s played a lot of DnD. I’m hoping it sees a lot of jigsaws and drawings done on it while it’s with us.

We’re also clearing out a heap of stuff. We have a junk pile in the corner, but that can be worked on during the week. Once we get the table swapped we’ll have more room to move around.

Which reminds me, I really need to do some art today ….. ooooh and there should be a new table for me to do it on!

A Year On

Well, it’s hard to imagine but I have been working a whole year! Didn’t think I’d get this far but I must be doing something right.

For my own stuff, I’ve started fixing up those errors that were pointed out to me in Consequences 2 and I’ll take a fresh read of that over the coming weeks.

I’m about to read Dark Reign without it being in Scrivener so that I can see how it flows and whether there are any holes in it.

On a different note, after putting up with gremlins in our car for 5 years and having a computerised module replaced 5 times, we are finally rid of the Everest. I will grant, it was one of the first models, so there were bound to be bugs and we did think it was the battery as we had it tested earlier this year and it had lost 30% of its storage capacity so we changed it. Didn’t matter. Gremlin came back. This time, the car went into limp mode (meaning it had registered a major fault) on Stu then when he took it to the dealership, it went into valet mode on them – now that’s a funny one ’cause it shuts everything in the car down to stop the car from being stolen. We had never set it up and didn’t know anything about it. Apparently they had to ring head office to find out how to get it out of valet mode. So, the owner of the dealership said enough is enough and we pick up a new 2019 Everest on Friday. Stu says it’s my birthday present!


So last weekend I had a break from writing and I think it did me the world of good. We went to a wheatbelt town called Dalwallinu and checked out the wildflowers of Western Australia. Although it had been a short season and we missed the big flowers, there were some miniscule flowers called “carpet flowers”. And that’s what they did. They carpeted the ground like a coloured lawn. It was spectacular (for someone who’d not seen them before).

Saturday night had a bonfire put on by the local townsfolk and at one stage we could see a log take on the visage of a flame-breathing dragon.

But now it’s time to get back into writing – or editing as I’m doing at the moment. Can’t wait for this part to be finished so it’s back into free writing. Anyone want to take over editing? Just kidding. It’s all part of the process!