And things keep going

Yesterday, I sent Dangerous Heart (Consequences 3) to the publisher.

I’m a little excited!

For those who are reading Heart of Deception, I have been doing a little writing about Marek’s background before the book began. It was enjoyable writing, but it was all about what happens in a possible book 4 – if people want it.

The main thing is that I really need reviews, so, please, if you have bought Heart of Deception, can you please write up a small review for me?

(Oh my gosh, I sound like someone who owns a YouTube channel – you know? “hit the subscribe button and the notification button so we can blah, blah, blah!” Sorry about that!)

Seriously, though, I hope you’re enjoying my work. Dark Reign, sequel to Dark Dimensions, is still with the editor and I will let you all know when I send it to the publisher!

Shocking week!

Wow! What a thing to wake up to! No Facebook. that’s a first! They nearly got copies of my diplomas, but they came back before their collection system worked. haha

It suddenly brought home to me how much we invest in social media these days – Facebook wasn’t working, nor Messenger, nor Whatsapp. Most of my friends are on one of these platforms. Just as well Discord was still up – but no-one was on Discord this morning!

The other shocking thing was to get a phonecall from a flatmate to say he’d “taken a stack” on the trail from Bells Rapids to Wyalunga National Park and hurt his hand. To give him moral support, he picked me up on his way to Urgent care.

Well, after 4 hours spent there, he comes home with a backslap cast and a sling (triangular bandage) having fractured a metacarpal bone! Man, he is not going to live that down easily. Not since I was half way through a scene!

And that means he’s got at least 2 weeks off work. Urgent care gave him a Med cert for a week and if the plastics people haven’t got him in by then, then our GP will have to give him more time. Me? I’d be ringing the plastics people later today to push the appointment through. But I’m impatient!

The other news is that Consequences 3 (possibly called Dangerous Heart) is out of editing and currently getting a final check.

Legacy of Risks (Consequences 2 is out on 22 Feb 2022.

Dark Reign is still being edited – up to chapter 2, now. 🙂

And that’s about it – apart from I am learning to play Magic today for the first time. Darn, have to clear off the table – nah, we can go out to our new gazebo!

Frustrating Times

Okay, so I have to apologise, yet again, for not keeping up with this. I’ve had some things happen over the past few weeks that shook the boat a little.

One of the things that happened was that some rat in Tunisia (I don’t know them by the way) tried to steal my Microsoft ID. Thank you, Microsoft for stopping that. Hence I had to change my passwords on some things and one of those things was emails.

So the Microsoft ID password changed happily and although I got the email passwords changed, I had a heap of trouble after that. I use an email client so that I don’t have to log into the email websites all the time and it wouldn’t accept the changes. So I updated the client (it was totally out of date) but that didn’t help – stupids, I only realised later that I probably needed to wait for 24 hours to make that change.

So, anyway, I’m looking around for a new client – yeah, I know, most people use Outlook, but I get very little spam using the client I do, so I wanted to stay right away from outlook. In the midst of all this, my computer decided the keyboard wasn’t up to scratch so stopped accepting the qwerty side of things – apart from the enter button and the backspace. Weird, I know.

Luckily, a friend was over and he’d looked at this keyboard issue before (this was the 3rd time) and fixed it for me. This time he had a look at something else, found that was woefully out of date so updated that and the keyboard works.

Then I went back into the updated email client and added the email addresses and lo and behold they all work! So I’m super happy about that.

Some good things happened, though. The third book in the Consequences trilogy has passed the editor but still remains title free. So, I’m trying to think of a title for that. We do have a working title but to me it is too close to Legacy of Risks that is coming out in February (oooh, have seen a first trial of cover art but it’s not set in concrete so I’m not sharing it). I will get there, it’s just a matter of time.

Also, Dark Reign is with the editor and we’ve gone through it once and are now doing a second run with it and the Prologue and Ch 1 are clear and complete (I think).

For today? I’m going to prep some vegies for a frittata we’re having and then I’m going to go outside and take advantage of this beautiful weather we’re having and do some art.

Have a great weekend and as I said – I am sorry this was delayed so long.

Sorry it’s late

Yes, I know, it’s a few days late, but I had some news I wanted to make sure of first!

Dark Reign is with the editor. She’s working very hard on it.

Consequences 3 is also with the editor after some slight changes were made. Good changes, too.

My current work in progress is a warrior-wizard story. Now, I take my hat off to fantasy writers. It is a lot more difficult to write a fantasy than a sci fi, I’m finding. I know this is my fantasy, my realm, and, yes, it has magic in it so I can change things, but it’s not a steampunk, so I still have to be careful what I put in, like, he’s a knight, so I have to know the basics of knight’s armour. Because it is based on our history.

After I’ve done this one, I have 2 more for Clans in Conflict – one’s a prequel to Dark Dimensions, and the other is – nope, not saying. It’s a surprise.

Having said that, I’m open to suggestions for a 5th book relating the MC of the first half of Dark Reign. Only if there’s enough interest, though.

I also have the skeleton of a Consequences 4, so I may also be looking at that.

After announcing all that, I have also undertaken an exercise regime because I’m sick and tired of what I can and can’t do. I have already lost 7kg and am visiting the physio tomorrow for another and final check. It’s on track for what I want and I intend to get more active. Having said that, I now have a 3 wheeler bike (or trike) and it’s the funniest thing to ride. The steering is incredibly sensitive and I have a tendency to over-steer it (it has road tyres rather than mountain bike tyres) so I have to learn to cut back on the steering. Once I realised that, I did a lot better.

And I have a friend who has an idea for another story for which I already have a character that will fit in perfectly.

Wow, there’s a lot tonight!

I have been working with a writing group right here in Midland called Grow Write. Now, while we are centred on this suburb of Perth, even if you can’t make it, we now do prompts on our Facebook group and through our email group, so if you’d like to join us, just PM me on Facebook – or message me here and we’ll work it out!

I think that’s all I have to say. It’s time to get tea started and get back to spooky TV in time for next week’s writing prompt!

It’s here! Well, almost!

Heart of Reception is due out tomorrow 9 August – or Tuesday, depending on where you are. It can be bought from:

Amazon Australia


We’ve still got Dark Dimensions out:

Available at:

Amazon Australia


And, then we have one of the most amazing books I have read:

Available at:


Amazon Australia

And his redoubtable:

Available at:


Amazon Australia

And all books are available at:

Corvus Quill Press


Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble

So, enjoy reading – I know we enjoyed writing them. And I will be online most of tomorrow and Tuesday at

JA Duxbury’s Weird Words

I will invite John and a few other writers to help me out! 😀

Change of frequency

Okay, so with editing, work and other commitments, I am going to start posting here once a fortnight. I’ll try and squeeze everything in for you all.

First of all, though,

Dark Dimensions

We are now in Barns & Noble and Books a Million! Woohoo! And we have a new cover! Still available through Amazon and Haven’t looked at, but I know a book has been sold there, so it must be available!

I want to thank everyone who has bought a copy and please, introduce others to it. I wish you all great enjoyment of it.

Also, news for you, I have almost finished editing Dark Reign, the sequel. I am still waiting on beta readers to complete their feedback, then it will be going to an editor and then the publisher!

We do still have something else to look forward to before that happens:

Heart of Deception

I can’t wait for it to come out! 😀

It’s exciting to have another book out and if you’re not into sci fi or vampires, don’t worry, there’s nothing like this in Heart of Deception – and if you think it’s a romance, I hope you won’t be disappointed.


So, we all know Dark Dimensions is out there on Amazon and Amazon Australia and, again, thank you all who bought it and those who are still meaning to!

But this is out in 32 days at:


It will be available on Amazon and Amazon Australia. Waiting on a video to share with you all!

I’m soooooo excited about this.

I will admit, this is why I missed a post. It was too close not to wait!

It’s still c-c-c-cold

But it’s Simon’s birthday! Well, Monday’s the big day but today we took him out to play minigolf in Midland followed by Grill’d for lunch.

What a great day it was – we had great friends and family and I have no idea who won. I did a few really good rounds and at least Simon was one of the few who got holes in one.

We celebrated Simon’s 50th birthday and he had an absolute ball!

In other news, John McKay’s book, The Venom Protocols is due out tomorrow, 27 June 2021. It’s a gritty, hard look at life as an assassin for the underbelly of New York in the 1980s.

Available through and as an e-book and paperback. Gritty writing and well put together.

I’m going, now, to relax after walking around for over an hour during mini-golf!


Now, don’t get the wrong idea – I’m talking about Camp National Novel Writing Month.

This takes place yearly in April and July – sort of a warm-up for National Novel Writing Month.

And, I’ve signed up for Camp.

Now, with Heart of Deception and Dark Reign at beta readers, I’ve dragged Delta Recoveries from the mothballs and will be working on that.

Before I do, I’m rewriting Dragons on the Gold Coast (not permanent title) to keep myself occupied before July!

On a health note, I have dropped roughly 5 kilos which I am happily surprised at doing!

And just a reminder that this is a little over 1 month away from being published!