Hanging in

So this week I really don’t have a lot to talk about, I know there are people out there who say I don’t “shut up” but sometimes, just sometimes, life goes treadling along happily.

I will say that we successfully cleared down 90% of the dining table and we hope to be picking up a second-hand solid oak table to take its place today. Not so big but lots of character by the looks of it. I’m thinking it’s played a lot of DnD. I’m hoping it sees a lot of jigsaws and drawings done on it while it’s with us.

We’re also clearing out a heap of stuff. We have a junk pile in the corner, but that can be worked on during the week. Once we get the table swapped we’ll have more room to move around.

Which reminds me, I really need to do some art today ….. ooooh and there should be a new table for me to do it on!

A Year On

Well, it’s hard to imagine but I have been working a whole year! Didn’t think I’d get this far but I must be doing something right.

For my own stuff, I’ve started fixing up those errors that were pointed out to me in Consequences 2 and I’ll take a fresh read of that over the coming weeks.

I’m about to read Dark Reign without it being in Scrivener so that I can see how it flows and whether there are any holes in it.

On a different note, after putting up with gremlins in our car for 5 years and having a computerised module replaced 5 times, we are finally rid of the Everest. I will grant, it was one of the first models, so there were bound to be bugs and we did think it was the battery as we had it tested earlier this year and it had lost 30% of its storage capacity so we changed it. Didn’t matter. Gremlin came back. This time, the car went into limp mode (meaning it had registered a major fault) on Stu then when he took it to the dealership, it went into valet mode on them – now that’s a funny one ’cause it shuts everything in the car down to stop the car from being stolen. We had never set it up and didn’t know anything about it. Apparently they had to ring head office to find out how to get it out of valet mode. So, the owner of the dealership said enough is enough and we pick up a new 2019 Everest on Friday. Stu says it’s my birthday present!


So last weekend I had a break from writing and I think it did me the world of good. We went to a wheatbelt town called Dalwallinu and checked out the wildflowers of Western Australia. Although it had been a short season and we missed the big flowers, there were some miniscule flowers called “carpet flowers”. And that’s what they did. They carpeted the ground like a coloured lawn. It was spectacular (for someone who’d not seen them before).

Saturday night had a bonfire put on by the local townsfolk and at one stage we could see a log take on the visage of a flame-breathing dragon.

But now it’s time to get back into writing – or editing as I’m doing at the moment. Can’t wait for this part to be finished so it’s back into free writing. Anyone want to take over editing? Just kidding. It’s all part of the process!

Up and coming

So the next few days are going to be a bit busy. We’re working hard tomorrow with various things, same with Saturday and a possible slow down on Sunday. And then it starts again next weekend!

I have been a bit slack here and not posted anything. Not that there wasn’t anything to post, I simply ran out of time last week.

Having said that, I am still struggling to get my hours at work reduced to 3 days a week and therefore next week might be a struggle again as I’m back to 4 days and now need to apply again for a trial period. Not sure what their argument will be this time because I have possibly broken a drought for me at work. Nothing more needs to be said.

Over the next few days I will be working on botanical art – it’s something I have become fascinated with and the course I had signed up to had time limitations on it that I couldn’t meet. So I had to give that up – but I downloaded their hint sheets before I did, so I’m hoping they will help in my burgeoning sketching.

I am taking a break from writing this weekend, I feel I’m able to do that and I got some great, constructive feedback from a long-standing friend, so I want to make sure I’m in the right headspace when I return to writing. Therefore, this weekend is a holiday.


This is something every writer needs to conquer. Otherwise we don’t get anything done.

So, here I am, sitting at the computer and writing an interview between Troy and a member of the press while assisting Stu in pulling our kitchen cupboards apart and decluttering it.

Now this is a monumental task. I thought we’d done a pretty good job when we remodeled the kitchen in 2017 but today has taken it to a whole new level. We’re keeping various frying pans for different reasons, but we’ve gotten rid of just about every other pot. (Because I have a 5 level stackable steaming pot.) Which has freed up a huge amount of space in our pot cupboard. Then we’ve reorganised the drawers next to the cooker. I think we’re the only people we know of with a spreadsheet of what’s in those drawers. They hold everything from baking ingredients to tea and also herbs and spices!

We’ve finished the cereal drawers and started on the big one. Which one of the self-closers was broken so luckily we had a spare set but that means that we have to put both on. Stu’s currently doing that while I’m writing this. Then I think that’s it apart from cleaning off the benchtops. We should get time to take the 2 boxes full to the Salvos but otherwise it’ll have to wait until Tuesday.

Next weekend we get to work on the dining room. Anyone want a great table for DnD? Too big for us! Getting a smaller one but keeping the chairs. A lot cheaper.

Learning Experience

Well, there are times when life sets a challenge for you and this weekend just gone set mine. Everything that happened was my fault but it still made for a less than happy weekend. Here I was excited by a windfall and now it seems the universe is bent on teaching me a lesson.

Hang on. This is me. I like learning! Okay, have learnt lesson. Now let’s get on with life!