Okay, so I had a sore throat and blocked/sniffly nose (yeah, go figure – blocked in the morning, sniffly in the arvo). But, having that in this environment means a teleconference call with a doc. So, doc calls me back before the appointed time (some of these work well, but I don’t like it) and we discuss my symptoms. He says it doesn’t sound like I have covid19 but protocols now are that I have to be tested.

So, Stu comes home from work and we head down to the local covid19 clinic. Wow! That was an interesting test – doesn’t help if you have a broken nose. But test came back all clear. No covid19. Phew!

So you ask, what have I been doing with my non-covid19 but probably coronavirus flu? Watching a bit of tv and sleeping – often at the same time. Hmm, must go back and watch season one of Supergirl again. I think I missed some episodes.

But back to work on Monday. And to think – I actually had a cake to take in last Monday!

Weird Weather – again

So, we had 2 days last week where it was bitterly cold – and it rained before then. So, I go to work on Monday thinking I have to catch the train and bus, better take a coat. Get out of work and it’s warm. What the hell? It’s May! It should be around 14 degrees but it was in the 20s!

I remember my first winter in Perth. I lived in Balcatta at the time and it was a cold hole! I used to bus it everyday into town and walk about 10 mins from the bus to work. It was not unusual for it to be 2-3 degrees at 7am – which is just before daybreak. Understandable.

At the time, I thought ‘oh, it’s just like Melbourne – without the sleet!’

But now? Tuesday we had 27 degrees! 27! That’s too warm for this time of the year! Even our house says it’s supposed to be colder. We walked into the house on Wednesday night and you could tell the bricks had absorbed the cold. It was downright chilly inside. Outside? Warm, pleasant – inside? Where’s the wood for the fire???

But, enough of that. I have to tell you that it took 3000 words and 2 scenes to finally kill off the baddie in Consequences 3. And I think it was a wake-up call for our friendly hero but I think I also stayed true to his original character – after all, he did start on the wrong side of the law but redeemed himself through his actions.

It was a tough scene to write as I had to really focus on what I wanted him to go through in this scene and to make sure the lead-up was set up correctly. Then, of course, just to pick on him, I threw in wild weather and jittery horses. Poor man.

But he came through it – not unscathed but no one would.

And that’s all I’m going to say. Tough scenes like that can take a while to write, but the idea is to keep at them until you get through them. Ho hum. Of course, work came in the way, too. But I got there in the end. (Says she as she trots off to tidy it up and write the aftermath …)


Wow! We had rain. And lots of it! I enjoyed watching it rain, thinking of all the renewal it will do.

So after a busy week at work, I plan to pull out all stops today. I have a lot of catching up to do with my writing, mainly because I had a brainstorm on Sunday night in bed (why is it always the way – the one time you can’t get up to write because you have to sleep?). So I spend all this week at work making notes for today.

It’s called – get down and write! So I suppose there’s been a storm in more than one way – our weather and in my brain. Now it’s time to start a storm of writing!

Onward ho! (Isn’t that the comment?)


Okay, I apologise for being late with this post. Having said that, a lot has happened over the last week.

Well, then again, maybe not.

Although I have written quite a bit which I’m pleased about and, although I don’t normally do this, I have to say that Joseph Michael’s training on Scrivener is quite good. I’ve learnt a few things more about Scrivener that I hadn’t found on my own. Which works for me. Still can’t afford his lessons but the free one I did had some gems in it for me. Now I just have to wait until 3 is out there (I’m on a PC not a Mac).

So, writing has been a bit of a challenge. Mainly ’cause I’m back at work for 4 days a week instead of 3. I really did like that 3 days a week. Doesn’t matter. Once the planes are back flying, everything will go back to normal. (We hope.)

On that note, it seems that Stu is doing a bit more work than he does normally. Mainly ’cause they’ve picked up Qantas quarantine busing. Which keeps him occupied but doesn’t help when he wants to put our new raised veggie bed together!

I found it great to be back at work – I think because I was forced to stay at home and that it wasn’t my decision to do so. And I have a possible lead into having a booth at Supanova when it’s next on in Perth (all the ooos and ahhhhhs).

Advice from others

So, I read an article last night – or yesterday – that says that writers who complain about parts of their craft should be taught not to. Well, I must say, I can be guilty of that.

My all-out love of writing is action scenes and dialogues. The fact that I don’t write in a chronological-type manner – from start to finish – means that there are scenes in between the action and dialogue that I must fill in. And as I participate in Nanowrimo, then sometimes I’m out for getting the wordcount done. Which means I concentrate on those scenes I love writing. Which leaves me to write what I call filler scenes later. Which is probably my fault because I haven’t written them during Nanowrimo.

My point of mentioning this is, although I might say ‘filler scenes are the worst’ or ‘I miss writing action or dialogue’, these scenes that I call ‘filler’ scenes are really linking scenes and without them, the book would not work. Knowing that, I also know they must be written and I am the one who will write them. So, please, don’t believe me (really) when I say I hate them. I just don’t like them as much as I do the other scenes.

Same with editing. I may say I hate editing, but I don’t really. I find that editing is what refines what comes out of my head and goes on the page and makes it easier for readers to read. That is what I am aiming for. An easy read. I just prefer writing new works.

So I’d like to finish by saying that I appreciate all aspects of my craft, from action scenes, to linking scenes to editing. Now, cover art? That’s one I’m not sure of …. just kidding.

Back to Normal?

Well, no, we’re not quite back to normal, but some restrictions are being lifted soon. One of these is that our trains and buses are going to an ‘enhanced’ Saturday timetable. No idea what that means.

So, this was my first week back from holidays and self-isolation. Whilst I’d love to be able to stay at home writing through all those hard-to-write scenes, I was surprised that I was happy to go back to work. I only had a day and a bit ’cause, typical me, comes down with a virus that sees me go home at 9.30am the first day and have the second day off on sick leave. But the rest of the week was okay, although I couldn’t pick up an extra shift yesterday to make up for the sick day. Well, them’s the breaks.

Gotta say, after 2.5 weeks at home, your first day off goes so fast it’s like it was a time jump! At one minute, we’re heading for groceries at 11.30am, the next time I look at the clock, it’s 4pm! Where did the time go?

Today, however, I have been able to ‘put pen to paper’ so to speak. I’m tackling those scenes I hate – those scenes with no action or little dialogue in them. Those scenes that fit between the action scenes, linking them up.

At the same time, I heard that the mother of my oldest friend passed away today at the age of 97. I still remember going to Ray’s place and playing mud pies with him. If it was summer, we’d put the hose on. Often, his mother, Grace, used to ring mum (we were all of 2 doors away) and ask to send some clothes ’cause she’s had to bath us both because we’d been covered in muck.

She was a graceful lady that said her piece of mind directly. She had a heart of gold and used to take me to school some mornings – with Goldie the golden retriever in the seat behind. Apparently in those days I had pigtails and he used to chew on them! Ah, Auntie Grace, I miss you already! She was also one of the last of the neighbours to see mum at home and I know it upset her greatly. But what a great old age to live to! RIP Auntie Grace. I will always remember you.

End of Self-isolation

Well, what a relief to be able to go out yesterday afternoon! Albeit, it was only to the doc’s, the chemist and to a chook farm to buy eggs. But oh, just to have the choice to go out or stay in whichever you wanted to do made a world of difference.

But let me get back to things.

So I sent out a novel to beta readers last weekend and while I’m waiting for some of them to respond, I’ve had response from one of my most critical friends. Meaning he provided such good feedback that I have been working hard on that instead of my other works in progress. Those, I feel I need a break from and I really had no idea how to move forward with this one. The story is finished but there was a lot needed doing in it and I think I have what I need to make it so much better. At the moment it sits just shy of 50k but I’m sure with these updates it’ll end up being a helluvalot more.

What’s one of the interesting things I’ve done is decided to use 2 A4 notebooks I bought from a shop closing down (still paid an arm and a leg but they’re gorgeous) as info on people, places and things like that and, maybe, an outline.

I’ve actually managed to write a bit of a backstory to this, so hopefully that will solve a lot of issues with the new version. I’m all excited by this one, now! Hehe I’ll probably get sucked back into Consequences 3, though. There’s something about the MC in that that keeps grabbing my attention….