So, I was working on a train crash in Dark Reign and wasn’t quite sure if it was written clearly. So, I shared it to this really large group (yeah, you guessed it, Nanoland) and straight away someone pointed out an issue I hadn’t thought of. The train would not have been travelling as fast as I had it travelling at the place it was. Oh, my! Back to the drawing board!

So if you’re writing something that involves velocity and things like trains, buses, automobiles or planes, it pays to check what speed they might be travelling at at a particular time. Like what happens when you pull a hand brake on in a car? Nothing. It absolutely stops, but you can’t flip it. Doesn’t work. Unless the driver wrenches the steering wheel to the side. Which mine did. Don’t ask me why or how and there’s no way anyone can ask him now, ’cause he died in the crash.

But just do that little bit extra research. I’d been sitting on this train crash thinking the only thing wrong with it might be the way the cars derailed. Didn’t even think about whether the train would be barrelling along or sauntering along. (Couldn’t resist those descriptors!)

On a second note, the teaser for the relaunch of Dark Dimensions is getting closer and I’m getting more excited every time there’s an update! Cannot wait to see the finished teaser and have the opportunity to share it with everyone!

Life after NaNoWriMo

So now comes life after Nano. I’ve had a week off and am now looking at what I have done for Dark Reign. I decided to write a couple of scenes as background to one of the characters in it and posted it in a small group. I got back, essentially, “want more.” So, does this mean Clans In Conflict will be 5 books instead of 4? I haven’t decided, yet. But one of my ideas was to write Dark Reign from this particular character’s point of view. I may still do that, but I am working on the book, have no fear.

Also, news on Dark Dimensions’ relaunch – the pre-order links are almost ready and so is the trailer! We’re on track for the launch in April 2021 and I know that I am excited for it to happen.

Also slightly worried because that means the pressure is on to complete Dark Reign (gosh, it’s been soooooooo long). I do hope, however, that Heart of Deception is published after Dark Reign but that will depend on the publisher. Exciting days are ahead!

End of NaNoWriMo

And it’s over! Mind you, I’m impressed with myself. Even with working 4 days a week, reviewing a number of grant proposals, I managed to go from just shy of 25000 on Wednesday night to 50130 today to finish it.

But of course, it wasn’t new work – well not all of it – and it wasn’t just one project. I wrote a few scenes for Dark Reign that I needed to get done, wrote quite a few more for Consequences 4 that I needed to do and then began a horror story I’ve had in mind for a long time. Thus, Life Is Not Enough was started.

This one brings back a few people’s favourites, Detectives Craig Wilson and Ben Patterson. The other books these two are in are non-published works but I do hope to bring them out in the future, along with this particular book. Because it’s one of my few female MCs, Sam Mitchell. Sort of a cross between Karl Kolchak and Samantha Carter. If you recognise those names, you’ll know what her character’s like.

But now I get back to reviewing other people’s work. I have a chapter for one that’s being written, a few chapters for another that needs a hand to work out the best way to word things and then, of course, comes the entire rewrite of a book a friend has written. I’m looking forward to see what she has done with those characters!

Hard slog

Well, this Nanowrimo is proving to be a hard slog. But it will be worth it. Mind you, I have managed to drop an obligation so that should help. Then again, I got a second obligation, so it cancelled out the one I dropped!

So, this is the first time since working full time (wow, 6 years ago) that I have attempted Nanowrimo whilst working 4 days a week. It is definitely a challenge – along with the project proposals I review for Cancer Council WA. Of course, they have to come in in November! But it’s a yearly thing, so I should be used to it by now.

For an announcement, though, the trailer for Dark Dimensions is currently being worked on, so when I have that link, I will place it here. Talk about excited, though! Things are happening so fast, I can’t wait! But it’s time to get back to Nanowrimo before the time is up. At least I’m over half-way through!

Quick note – after all, November

Okay, so I’m a bit late with this but it is November, so it’s a big juggle.

I am doing okay with NaNoWriMo but it is slow going. I am being the usual rule breaker and working on 2 projects simultaneously but they’re coming along well.

Of course, being November, there’re also the PhD Top-Ups from Cancer Council WA to review. So, really pushing stuff. I will get there, I assure you.

And I actually bought some Lego today to use as props for certain scenes. Not saying which scenes but it’s working a treat!

Now, sorry, but must get back into it – my muse awaits me!


Yes, it’s National Novel Writing Month! The month where I am supposed to be writing new work. Well, as we know, I’m a bit of a rule-breaker, so I sort of am. Granted, most of Consequences 4 is new work, but I’m also rewriting Dark Reign so between those I should have a great opportunity to get the numbers up!

It’s that time of the year when a large group of writers world-wide put their work to the test and get working on what they love – writing.

We’re not mad, we’re not insane, we’re just doing what we love – writing. So if you see someone sitting at a cafe or in a library in the month of November and they’re working on a keyboard, chances are, they’re participating in National Novel Writing Month. There is no monetary reward for this competition – just the knowledge that we have written a novella! A whole novella from start to finish! And it’s achievable. I win most of the NaNoWriMos, but some I don’t.

And that’s it for today – back to the grindstone of vampires and young royal activists!

A New Tradition

So, I’m calling this a new tradition because we’ve only participated in Halloween for about 5 years. And every year it gets better. This year, despite covid19, was even better.

Having said that, I know there are a lot of people who think that Halloween is an American tradition. I also know there are more and more people who understand that it is a celtic tradition and is intended to keep bad spirits away. But I do like the way the Americans have embraced it. Our little street has a great many kids in it and each year they thoroughly enjoy it. After such a challenging year, Halloween has allowed kids and families in Western Australia to go out and enjoy socialising with people they don’t often meet.

Our street, of course, is a precious street. So many of us know each other (yes, our house is the Easter Bunny house) and we all pitch in and help each other and those of us who do up our houses enjoy watching all the kids in the street come around with great grins on their faces and their eyes light up at the scares and the decorations and, not the least, the sweets that we put out. This year, a great many kids got toys in their sweets. Stu wanted to give them something they could keep besides just a bag of lollies – that’s right, most of our lollies were covid19 safe!

To top it all off, our ex-neighbours came and joined our celebrations and helped us to entertain the gaggles of families that came past – I say families because most of our visitors were families. And they arrived in cars! Apparently our street is the best in the neighbourhood and people are actually learning this and passing the word around! I was sooooo amazed when I heard this and so pleased that we can entertain strangers in such an easy manner.

Now, I wonder if we can get best street for christmas lights? We can only try!

Happy Halloween, Blessed Samain and Blessed Beltane to all!

New Tech

Well, we bought a new keyboard and mouse this week. What a difference.

Before I go any further, I have to apologise for being so late with my writing. I got carried away with medication and suffered the consequences. But we’re back on track now, so I’ll be able to bore you more regularly. (Insert laugh)

So back to the keyboard. One of the things we’d noticed was that the last 2 keyboards – one is still good so we’re keeping hold of it for “just in case” – was that they were really loud on the reactions. Stu could hear me typing all the way out in his room! And by Friday night the mouse was travelling all by itself. Well, It was a case of ‘you get what you pay for’ and for $10AU you don’t get a a great deal! So we spent a little bit more this time and this keyboard and mouse are soooooo quiet, it’s amazing!

Any way, I’ve been working on Dark Reign. Consequences 3 is simmering the background and I have no clue what I’m doing for this year’s National Novel Writing Month! But I’m sure something will turn up.

But back to Dark Reign. I took it to work and was reading it on my breaks and found very early on that I had made an assumption. So teasing that assumption out and looking at it from all angles has been fascinating and may solve the issue I felt was in the book.