Breaking the Rules

So, it’s Camp NaNoWrimo again and again I’m breaking rules. I’m doing 2 projects instead of 1. But that’s me, isn’t it.

In other news, I actually got another interview click here to go to it.

I have started working on the rewrite of Dark Dimensions. It’s amazing, after 7 years, you realise that there are things that could be improved in it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it as it is, but it could be better. In fact, it was the first book I finished after leaving full-time work. I only just realised this year that when I was writing it, I was still in business writing mode. Which meant very little emotion. Time to dust things off and really hone in on emotions and stuff.

And it’s been fun to finely tune that book. I’ll keep working on it, too. Just to get it right. So the next edition should be much, much better than what’s out there currently.


Yep, it’s that time again. Waiting for Beta Readers to read The Dark Road and provide feedback.

So, I’m going through the gamut of emotions, do they like it? Does it work? Have I separated the characters enough?

All these questions are designed to trip a writer up and trick them into thinking their writing is not good enough and won’t go anywhere. But the secret is to battle your way through the doubt and worry. Just accept that if you enjoyed what you wrote, then others should, also.

I did delete one whole chapter and sent that to a friend for her to confirm it shouldn’t be in there. She agreed with me but said the character interaction was great and the characters were dynamic. She also said it was good to see more of one of the characters from Dark Dimensions who was only very lightly written about in Dark Reign (oh, yes. Still being released).

So, after this ghostwriting, I’ll be working on my paranormal story, for all out there who enjoyed reading about Sam and Nina, as well as my time travel dinosaur/pandemic story.

Also, I will be travelling across the country in August, so these might actually turn into a little travel blog in between writing blogs. I will be taking my writing with me, so I will continue to write a little bit each day (apart from the trek across the paddock).

But I can now hear my court case calling so I will talk to you all soon!

It’s finished!

My editing of The Dark Road is finally finished. Minus a chapter. Yes, I decided to take a chapter out. The Dark Road will now to to beta readers and I’ll give them the option of with the chapter or without it. It’s more appropriate without it though.

So, after the beta readers have read it will be off to the editor for editing, then, once any more updates are done, it’ll be with the publishers!

My heart’s a’flutter!


A change is coming to the Clans in Conflict series

Dark Dimensions will be coming out in a second edition to celebrate the change.

And we have a date for Dark Reign

Hopefully, The Dark Road will be ready by then! I have edited it, am now reading it and then sending it to beta readers, then onto the editor.

I did have to take a few days off editing as I came down with a cold. Getting over that and back into the swing of things.

Sooooooooo excited for the changes! And to see a release date for Dark Reign!


Okay, Draft 2 of The Dark Road is complete. I have also split a lot of the chapters up – they were just a tad too long – like really long. There is now 29 chapters in it.

So, I have a little tidying up in it and then i will start listening to it through Word. (Love that feature!)

I’m trying to leave that for tomorrow, however, and give myself a day’s break away from it. It’s hard, though, because I still want to complete it as soon as I can so that everyone can read it.

Dark Reign will be coming out, soon, however, we have as yet to get a date. Same with Dangerous Heart which is the third in the Consequences series.

There is a fourth book to the Clans in Conflict series, but it is more of a prequel and deals with Vlad the Supreme and how he got there.

Also, I have the bare bones for a fourth Consequences, but not completely sure about that one as yet. Still in the pipeline.

Just to remind you all that the books below are available to purchase:

Clans in Conflict

Dark Dimensions

Amazon Australia



Heart of Deception

Amazon Australia


Legacy of Risks

Amazon Australia


The Dark Road continues

So, I totally ignored my own words and started editing on Monday. Yes, I know. I said I’d give it a week. (Andrew will laugh at me for this.)

But the editing goes very well, in fact, I’ve added 3,000 words to the book and I’ve only done four chapters. You never know, though, I may take some out, yet.

There are more explanations on how the dimensions work and a bit of a recap to Dark Dimensions. Only because it seems appropriate information to be there.

There is still a lot of work to go but I’m happy with the process. I just hope everyone out there likes it too.

But Dark Reign is yet to be published and that is a must before moving on to The Dark Road.

That’s it for now! I will get this done and sent off to the editor soon. I hope!

news, news, news!

Dark Reign is definitely on its way!

And I have completed the first draft of The Dark Road.

Now, The Dark Road was supposed to be about something entirely different but went through a slew of metamorphoses over the last year or so to become the story it finally did.

I think it works well, though and I’ve had some good feedback about it.

I’ll start editing it at the end of next week. *rubbing hands together*

Did the world speed up

Wow, time certainly flies when you’re busy!

So, we’ve got an update! Dark Reign will be released soon, don’t have a release date but as soon as I do, I will let you know!

This made me really excited!

All books are getting a facelift soon, so they’ll be brand new again!

Now I just have to figure out how to end The Dark Road. <sigh> It’s at 85,000 words and still going, but that’s okay.

We’re Free!

Of masks – except for some circumstances, but no longer at shops! Yay!

So, a quick update on current works.

Dark Reign (Clans in Conflict Book 2) is with the publisher.

Dangerous Heart (Consequences Book 3) is with the publisher.

The Dark Road (Clans in Conflict Book 3) is 3/4 done – having said that, it may lose almost 3,000 words in the first part which may make a novella for inbetween these two.

Dark Beginnings (prequel to Dark Dimensions – Clans in Conflict Book 4) is on the back burner at the moment.

Paranormal work is on hold until The Dark Road is finished, same with my Warrior Wizard book and my pandemic/dinosaur book.

So, as you can see, there is a lot being worked on. I am still enjoying every minute of writing but I am now in those “filler/connector” scenes of The Dark Road so I am having to push myself to get those done.

Also, we were having a bit of an Indian summer, but now the cold weather has returned. Still sunny, but fresh or cool. Which means lots more walking can be done! 😀

Smoky city

If I didn’t know better, I’d say we were experiencing summer all over again, but no, it’s hazard reduction burns! And they’re important, even if they interfere with me walking outside. Just as well I have the dreadmill. I’m using that until the burns have ceased.

Which is quite funny. I think we’re having another year of what they call an”Indian summer”. We had a cool period last week, then from Wednesday onwards, the warmth has come back and I think we’re culminating with 31C on Sunday. Of course, they’re also predicting rain on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, for those not in Australia and New Zealand, 25 April is always a day we put aside to remember those soldiers of the first world war who attacked a site in Turkey on the British Govt’s ill-conceived idea. I would expect our elite officers tried to tell the Brits that the campaign would be a disaster, but the Brits still went ahead with it. They didn’t care, it was Aussies and New Zealanders that would bear the brunt of the onslaught.

In 1915, at Gallipoli Peninsula, something like 25,000 Australian troops and over 2780 New Zealanders were casualties, of which over 8,000 Australians and 2779 New Zealanders died of wounds or disease or were killed.

Each year both countries pay respects to those soldiers who died so that our lives continued. When safe, there is often a presentation at what is now known as ANZAC Cove.

ANZAC Day starts with a dawn memorial service at all of our War Memorials. I have been to the Dawn Service in Kings Park and completely moved by that ceremony. I have also been to a ceremony at the Guildford memorial as part of the Swan Communications Brigade. After the Dawn Service in Kings Park, there is a parade of all service men and women. It used to be led by a group known as the “diggers”. These were survivors of Gallipoli. Now, it is led by their families in their honour. After that are survivors of other battles and other wars.

25 April is always known as ANZAC Day and we are all reminded that this Monday again, is ANZAC day. I hope, one day, to attend the memorial at ANZAC Cove, but it will be a while. I am unsure if it will be on this year, given that RSLWA has decided to cancel the Dawn Service.

I am saddened by the fact that it took many years and much lobbying by the survivors of the Vietnam war to be recognised as war heroes. They now take their place in the parade.

I’m sure I won’t be the only one who is sad that due to COVID-19 restrictions the RSLWA has decided that the ANZAC Day Dawn Service will not take place this year. RSLWA, however, is encouraging the public to hold driveway Dawn Services in conjunction with a few of Perth’s radio stations.

I salute those who can attend the parade and all those who have risked their lives for our safety.