We’ve finally got rain! It’s relieved a lot of pressure from our farmers, but it’s also brought flash flooding in Northam – which was amazing!

My weekend this weekend is going to be rather busy – tomorrow I will be out quite a bit of the day, going for the fortnightly butt nugget run for the street, then heading down to Mandurah to catch up with friends for lunch at Jetty’s. Then it’s back for dinner and a neighbour’s birthday party. I know she wanted Pandora charms but I’m thinking of something a little more interesting.

Then on Sunday, we’re meeting up with Cameron who’s taken on the challenge of creating all my maps for various things. He’s already done Albermarle, for the Consequences series and we’re going on from there.

Enough of that, though. Dark Reign is progressing along nicely. This version is definitely working a lot better than the others were. Of course, I’ve done my usual and had a number of dreams but they would only work as a fan fic so I’m not even look at those for the moment.

Dark Reign, ebook, is now available for pre-order : https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Dimensions-J-Duxbury-ebook/dp/B08P6N5C22/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=j+a+duxbury&qid=1614893624&s=books&sr=1-6

and: https://www.amazon.com.au/Dark-Dimensions-J-Duxbury-ebook/dp/B08P6N5C22/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=j+a+duxbury&qid=1614893721&s=books&sr=1-2

Dark Dimensions will be released on 18 April, so we’re getting closer day by day! 😀

I have not forgotten Delta Recoveries, nor the horror story I began in Nanowrimo in 2020 – that’s something I do want to finish. Sam’s journey will be an interesting one – from skeptic to believer and something like Karl Kolchak of The Nightstalker fame.

Fast moving time

Sorry this is late, this week has gone sooooooooo fast it’s not funny!

So, I’ve got a few things to mention today, first of all, release dates:

Dark Dimensions: 18 April 2021 – at both amazon.com and amazon.com.au

Heart of Deception: 8 August 2021 – also at amazon.com and amazon.com.au (not available to link, yet).

So, things are on the go!

For something entirely different, we have rejuvenated our writing group in Midland, Perth, Western Australia. Called Grow Write, anyone is welcome to join and we meet every second Thursday at 10.30am at Midland Library. Our next meeting is 13 March. Feel free to come along, if you can!

So, after the above news, I’m not sure there’s much else to say! Other than, enjoy your week and what you’re doing. I will have a better post next week, I’m sure!

Warm and cool at once

So, this week was a mix of very hot weather and mild weather. At least we weren’t like Texas last weekend! Such an unusual winter storm for them!

But I digress. For writing:

Dark Reign is plugging along – the issues I had before seem to be sorting themselves out with the new rewrite – which I’m happy about, even if I lost a really good scene. Them’s the breaks.

The country of Albermarle now has a map, courtesy of Cameron Yandell. He’s still working on it but every time I see it I’m amazed that my vision was clear enough for Cam to see it.

Spaces after full stops

Now, this is a subject for contention. I have gotten myself used to one space after a full stop and it took me a while. However, I have since found out that in Law in Australia, it is 2 spaces after a full stop. So, I apologise now if some sentences have 2 spaces preceding them or 1 space. Isn’t English interesting?

After the Consequences trilogy and Dark Reign is finished, I’m heading in one of 2 directions – I may go down the path of a prequel to Dark Dimensions called Dark Beginnings, or I may actually branch off into the Delta story – which follows an exploration company based in Perth transition into a salvage company.

So those are my plans and I intend to stick with them.


So, this week we’ve had a few changes. With last week’s lockdown, Stu’s trip to the mines has been put off until Sunday. Not sure what time yet. Also, he’s been offered a bus driving job on Christmas island. Now, this requires him to relocate to Christmas Island – it’s not a fifo job – but if I go with him, we’d have to rent a house and I’d have to pay my own way and nor will the cats be allowed with us. Oh, and the internet and mobile service is a bit dodgy.

So, at the moment we’ve decided that if the mines don’t work out for him and they accept him for the Christmas Island job, then he’ll move up there and I’ll visit him. It won’t be as often as he visited me in Bunbury, but I’ll more than likely stay a bit longer than he did on each visit.

To top it all off, our weather has cooled down – it’s almost trackydacks weather! Such a nice change and started with rain which was really welcomed! We even had to turn the booster on for the hot water!

On Dark Reign, I had feedback back from a very old friend (known them for years – they’re younger than me! type of old!) who has help with giving some direction for the book. I like the idea and it was one I was toying with, so it’s now just been reinforced.

And the Consequences series is getting a map! A whole map of my tiny country realm. No, I’m not posting the map here – you’ll just have to wait until Heart of Deception comes out!

And I think that’s all the changes I have to share – oh, I have been working with transcribing and it’s brilliant! Should have kept an eye on this type of work years ago! Didn’t even give it a thought!

Fiery Days

So this is late. I had intended to write this yesterday but after Tuesday, I just needed the time to regroup. Yes, fires have hit Perth. Only a small one but after the Eastern States fires in 2019/2020, bushfires are big news over here. Therefore, there were more than a few friends (and, I’ll admit) family who were concerned, if not to say, worried.

The first we knew of it was at 5.30am on Tuesday morning, 2 Feb 2021 when friends rang Stu’s mobile. We didn’t get to it quick enough but they left a message saying they were being evacuated. Smart people, they left early.

For those who do not know, the area the fire is covering is very inaccessible. I remember, when I was in the Swan Communications Brigade, that we lost an East Swan Brigade Light Tanker because the brakes gave way and it careened down into a gully. Luckily the two fire fighters had left the truck to work with the hose so they survived. But back to this fire.

There are 4 helitacs (water-carrying helicopters) and at least 1 bomber fighting the fire. The converted 737 arrived in Perth on Monday night so that has been working all day yesterday. I have a friend who was right on the borderline of yellow and red all day yesterday and Monday – in other words, red is the evacuation zone – but got up this morning and the red seems to have gone north of them. So I’m happy that currently they are safe.

North of the fire, there is a settlement called Shady Hills. As the winds are currently Nor-Easterlies, I think this settlement may be impacted today. We can only hope for rain or a wind shift. On Monday night, they managed to get quite a bit of the fire out and it only had one running fire edge. This morning, it has ramped up again because we had very high winds overnight. I can only hope that everything turns out well and that Shady Hills survives. We have been getting our information from http://www.emergency.wa.gov.au and http://www.bushfire.io.

On to other news, we have a release date for Heart of Deception: 9 August 2021! I’m so excited that this one is coming out!

New Beginnings

I’m a little late with this but it’s here and that’s the main thing.

I can officially say I now work for VIQ Solutions, transcribing court documents. I have yet to get a section sent to me, but I have passed all the training so am now waiting for my first assignment!

So, no more talking on the phone, yet I’m still helping people. The quicker and more accurate I can get these transcriptions done, the better for the parties involved.

On more notes, I am working with Dark Reign, I’m probably repeating an earlier post, but I have signed the contract for Heart of Deception and everything is moving ahead at a steady pace.

The only advice I would have for people today is: Just Breathe! Slow down and take a deep breath if you feel everything is getting on top of you. You will survive whatever is happening and things will get better.

Bright Start to the New Year

So, 2020 is over! I pushed it out of our house at 11.55pm on 31 December 2020! Didn’t want to keep it around.

Therefore, 2021 will be better, brighter, smarter for us all!

So, I have some news that reflect that prediction! I have finished editing Consequences 3. I have finally found a name for Consequences 2 and I have signed the publishing contract for Heart of Deception. It is all moving forward this year and it’s about taking control and making sure you do what you have to do to get there and not allow anything to beat you. Keep at what you are planning, keep doing it and keep doing anything that will get you there! Do not succumb to negative actions that will thwart your results. (Thwart, great word, don’t you think?)

And, so no one forgets, Dark Dimensions is available at http://www.amazon.com.au and http://www.amazon.com for pre-order. Oh and there is a trailer/teaser for Dark Dimensions at http://www.corvusquillpress.com.

Enjoy this year – it will be better, I’m sure of it!

That time of year

So it’s that time of year again. The ‘silly season’, ‘mid-summer/winter solstice’, ‘Christmas’ or just plain ‘holidays’. Doesn’t matter what it is, it has also become time to think about loved ones we’ve lost and those we don’t see very often. I normally ring my sister early but she beat me to it this year! That’s okay, I’ll get her back on New Year’s Day!

On to other things. I have, I believe, finished the editing on Consequences 2 – or Legacy of Risks – and am still struggling with Dark Reign. Distractions are chaotic at times like this. I’m hoping things will settle down soon and I’ll be able to focus on it again.

But, of course, this being Australia – and Western Australia at that – we have to talk about the heat! 46 degrees celcius apparently in our suburb on Thursday and Christmas and Boxing Days not much better. So far today seems to be a bit cooler and seems darker than normal, so maybe there are a few clouds around. Either way, it may be cooler than the last couple of days.

And how did your presents go? I got my art stuff I ‘asked’ for and a pair of Samsung ear buds – which were a complete surprise! – what do I do with the others? I know, I’ll use ’em all! Different ones for different reasons! 😀 I hope you all got what you wanted and what you wished for.

Me? I wished for everyone to be safe and well over Christmas and my heart went out to one man whose sister didn’t make it home for Christmas. May the rest of your year be better than Christmas Day was, my friend.