The End of a week

Finally! I didn’t think it would get here. It’s been a struggle with new thoughts of what to write nearly overpowering going to work, but, hey, we’ve all gotta eat!

I woke on Monday morning with my head spinning with ideas for Dark Reign. And with other ideas for Consequences (in the future). So with these running around and around, I dragged myself away from the computer for 4 whole days! I knew, if I got into writing after work I wouldn’t get anything done – I wouldn’t eat, I wouldn’t sleep, and I certainly wouldn’t be any good at work.

It was a hard decision, but now I have 3 days to work on all those ideas I’ve been buzzing with. I toyed with writing them down, but until today the food court (where I take my lunch to) was really busy and noisy so I held it all in, just making notes.

And here I am, keyboard under my fingertips and my document on the other screen as I impart all this amazing knowledge to you all! (Yeah, laugh, I know it’s not that amazing! hahaha)

But if you find yourself in a similar situation, make sure you weigh up what is more important for the moment – money or writing. Believe me, it’s a hard choice. Now I have the fire to contend with!

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