Storms of feelings

Over the past few months, I’ve seen writer friends post about giving up, about disappointment in sales figures, about having second thoughts of writing another book, let alone a sequel.

I thought about what they wrote for a long time and sympathised with them. After all, it is hard getting the sales you want – especially for your first book.

Then, this morning, I was looking at a similar post again and I thought: “What’s different about us? Why don’t I feel as depressed as they do?”

And then I realised my reason for writing.

Yes, I want to sell a lot of books. Yes, I’d love to have my books on the best seller charts. But more importantly? More important to me is to get the stories out there. If I sell one, I dance with joy – because it means there’s someone out there who may know me but likes my work enough to buy it. It means that I have either entertained or lightened someone’s day.

After 3 days in the work I’m doing – that’s a big achievement. If I can make someone feel better after reading my books – or give them lots of entertainment whilst reading it, then I’ve done my job. Even if it’s just one person. That’s someone who wouldn’t have read my story if I hadn’t written and published it.

Remember, though, this is only my outlook and not everyone thinks along the same lines as I do. Not everyone thinks or feels like me. So don’t judge a writer who posts that their sales are down and it hurts. That’s how they feel. It’s just as valid as how I feel. Remember, these people write for free until you buy a book of theirs. That’s when the joy comes to the writer.

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