A Year On

Well, it’s hard to imagine but I have been working a whole year! Didn’t think I’d get this far but I must be doing something right.

For my own stuff, I’ve started fixing up those errors that were pointed out to me in Consequences 2 and I’ll take a fresh read of that over the coming weeks.

I’m about to read Dark Reign without it being in Scrivener so that I can see how it flows and whether there are any holes in it.

On a different note, after putting up with gremlins in our car for 5 years and having a computerised module replaced 5 times, we are finally rid of the Everest. I will grant, it was one of the first models, so there were bound to be bugs and we did think it was the battery as we had it tested earlier this year and it had lost 30% of its storage capacity so we changed it. Didn’t matter. Gremlin came back. This time, the car went into limp mode (meaning it had registered a major fault) on Stu then when he took it to the dealership, it went into valet mode on them – now that’s a funny one ’cause it shuts everything in the car down to stop the car from being stolen. We had never set it up and didn’t know anything about it. Apparently they had to ring head office to find out how to get it out of valet mode. So, the owner of the dealership said enough is enough and we pick up a new 2019 Everest on Friday. Stu says it’s my birthday present!

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