Yes, it’s that time of year. It’s National Novel Writing Month. And I’m currently sitting at 15,708.

And, yes, I ignored the rules again – for the second time. I started with one story, but that needed a heap more thinking than I had done – given it was only 30 Oct when I had the dream that inspired it, I’m not surprised.

So I have gone to what I had half planned.

When writing Delta Recoveries, I accidentally created a whole new hybrid race. Yes, the particular 2 halves have been done before, but that’s neither here nor there. My two had their genes manipulated, then spliced, then manipulated again, then spliced once more. So there. Science behind it. (Just kidding.)

I realised, however, that Killion’s race has a complete and complex history behind it and I needed some of that to be written so I could work on his reactions in Delta Recoveries. So suddenly I’m writing his first diplomatic experience. So far he’s survived with just bumps on his head. I’m being very nice to him – knowing full well that he will have quite a long time in cryogenic suspension by the time he meets our team in orbit above Earth!

Of course, when it’s NaNoWriMo, I’m not supposed to be checking FB – unless it’s writing related. Well, not sure what happened, but got involved in 2 conversations about climate change and one convo was a sub thread on another topic. Not sure how that happened but that’s what happens when a group of writers get together.

Now it’s time to get back into writing this diplomatic encounter!

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