No, I don’t have butterflies in the stomach – although maybe I should. Anyway, yesterday we went to a presentation of butterflies. What scientists want is for the ordinary people in our wonderfully beautiful city to get out into native bush and photograph butterflies. They’re trying to build a national database of native butterflies and it ended up being very fascinating.

Like, we didn’t realise we had a tiger swallowtail caterpillar (not sure Eastern or Western) hanging around our pond one year. Don’t know what happened to that one, in the end. But it was fascinating to learn about it yesterday.

We had a walk in the education area of King’s Park, which showed us a few different things, like we found what were probably an egg sac of a spider but there were also other things that our scientist-guide, Andy, asked to take photos of. So we’ll hopefully find out what they were one day.

All-in-all, it was a nice break from writing and now we’re set to upload photos of butterfly species whenever we see them when walking. Nice to know we’re doing our bit for the environment as when endangered species are found through photos, their location is kept separate from the public information.

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