So, I did an unusual thing – well, maybe not for others, but definitely for me. I entered a writer’s competition in Queensland. Because it was time to do so. And there’s a movie option up for grabs. I’ve put Dark Dimensions forward because a) it’s finished and b) most of those who have read it have agreed that it would suit itself to a movie.

It was an interesting process. I had to give them 5000 words and the first chapter is 6330. So I left out some of the points in the first chapter. Then I actually had to write a synopsis. I’m not sure about other writers but that’s right up there, along with editing. <shudder> But it’s part of writing so I knew it had to be done. After doing a really looooooooooooong one, I passed it on to Jeanne who tidied it up beautifully (she’s such a great help!).

Then it was a matter of reformatting the manuscript to fit what they wanted, so I spent time on that. Eventually, I got it in on time and am now waiting to hear back.

And waiting. And waiting. *Hate this part of it.* And waiting. And waiting. And so on. But that’s part of a writer’s life – waiting. And that’s why we have other Works-in-progress – so we can get on with what we adore doing the most – new writing!

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