Well, last week went so fast I ran out of time!

But, things are going well. I have got back into working on Consequences 3 (editing, that is) and did get asked what category the plot would come into. Well, since Consequences 3 is almost a stand-alone book, I haven’t quite figured that side out. When I have finished, then I will take the time for it.

It’s funny how the weather plays a part in typing. We’re going through an icy snap here (for Perth, at least) and it does make typing a bit harder. Then again, I am in the room with the fire. Just have to talk to the boys about lighting the fire!

I was going to apply for a writer-in-residence for a local organisation that I have joined, but they want me to run a workshop and I’m stuck on that. I’d love to get it but that one little bit of information I don’t have. I could use balancing writing and a working life, but when it came to ‘how are you going to run it?’ I couldn’t think of an answer. So I’ve pulled out of that.

But I do have my editing course starting on Friday so I think that will help me with editing. My secret to editing is to turn every sentence around until I get the one that sounds the best. Whether that’s the appropriate method or not, I don’t know.

So, being a plantser, I have to write down the fresh ideas that are screaming at me, then sit and work out a plot, a synopsis and outline. Only then do I really know where I’m going. I have written a few outlines at work but I have quite a few to go – including one for Dark Reign. Then I might get back into finishing Dark Reign. So, I’m sorry for all those waiting on the sequel to Dark Dimensions but it may take a little longer to get Dark Reign out there. I have proven I can write 3 books in less than 2 years but that was at the cost of Dark Reign.

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