Doors – open or closed?

Okay, so this week was a spectacular week work-wise. One door closed and another has opened. New adventures to come.

On the editing side of things, I’ve decided to edit Consequences 3 using track changes in word rather than just reading through scrivener. What an eye opener that is. I thoroughly recommend it for those who are just starting to edit their own work or for those who struggle with editing. I even found things I hadn’t realised I’d done wrong.

It’s still not the same as writing completely new work, but it is a task that is part and parcel of being a writer and I’m determined to polish my own work as much as possible before it goes to an editor.

On the other side of things, it appears I have sprained the joint where the thumb joins the hand. It’s okay for typing but writing is currently a major chore. So, I’m concentrating on using the keyboard to update.

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