Where is the year going?

Wow, two weeks into training and I suddenly realised the year is more than half-way over. What happened to it? Did it just slide down the drain? When I contemplate it, we really did have a lot happen.

In March, Simon and I went to Terrigal to meet my editor, then we headed back home, arriving a day after the border had closed. So, we had another two weeks at home.

Then in May I got a cold and had to get tested for covid-19 (nasty test) and was given the all clear. In June, I got an email back to request that I participate in an online/auto interview. Which I did, then got invited to an assessment day, which I also did. Then came the interview and referees and now, 5 weeks later, I’m half-way through training in a new/same job! Which is an amazing company with a 70 year history!

So this year has been really, really super busy and finishing the trilogy of Consequences. Once they’re done, I’m hopping back into Dark Reign to finally finish that one and start on one of the others in the Clans in Conflict series. Then again, November will rear its ugly head and I’ll be itching to do new writing – which will either be Delta Recoveries or something entirely new!

So fun and full-steam ahead for one busy person. (Wow, I nearly said Chick but I don’t know if I can be classed as that any more!)

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