So, yes, I’ve been hit by it. I’m supposed to be rewriting a huge chunk but I’m doing everything but.

It’s great seeing what all my friends and acquaintances are up to but it’s not helping me get this big mess sorted out. So I thought I would write about that today.

It usually comes after getting feedback that you don’t expect and you look at that feedback in an objective manner and realise that the person is right. And you need to fix whatever it is that doesn’t seem quite right.

So, I teased the problem out, asked myself what would fix it and ended up relating this book to the two that went before it through the 2 antagonists in each of those books. Which surprised me no end. So, I told myself. Well and good. Let’s get the thing done.

So these new characters will assist the antagonist in this book but before the final confrontation, they will be caught by the authorities. No matter how much they try to break these three, they never disclose their accomplice’s identity until just before that confrontation and then only to tell the authorities that the antagonist is going to turn up there. Nothing else. No name, no description. And that’s because my protagonist in all 3 books managed to kill off the antagonist in book 2 and helped someone kill off the antagonist in book 1. There’s no way they’ll interfere with his plan to take out the protagonist and his cohort. They would rather die than let him live.

But getting that discussion into the 3rd book is the trouble I’m experiencing. And I have to go through a lot of already-existing scenes because there are references that I need to either alter or take out or, even, insert to make this change as smooth-flowing as possible. Because I want my readers to believe that what the antagonist and his party are doing is plausible and for reasons they understand. They don’t have to agree with his reasons, they just have to understand them.

And now I’ve successfully distracted myself again for a further 15 minutes by writing about my distraction. Good one! Oh well, back to it, then.

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