Hard slog

Well, this Nanowrimo is proving to be a hard slog. But it will be worth it. Mind you, I have managed to drop an obligation so that should help. Then again, I got a second obligation, so it cancelled out the one I dropped!

So, this is the first time since working full time (wow, 6 years ago) that I have attempted Nanowrimo whilst working 4 days a week. It is definitely a challenge – along with the project proposals I review for Cancer Council WA. Of course, they have to come in in November! But it’s a yearly thing, so I should be used to it by now.

For an announcement, though, the trailer for Dark Dimensions is currently being worked on, so when I have that link, I will place it here. Talk about excited, though! Things are happening so fast, I can’t wait! But it’s time to get back to Nanowrimo before the time is up. At least I’m over half-way through!

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