New Beginnings

I’m a little late with this but it’s here and that’s the main thing.

I can officially say I now work for VIQ Solutions, transcribing court documents. I have yet to get a section sent to me, but I have passed all the training so am now waiting for my first assignment!

So, no more talking on the phone, yet I’m still helping people. The quicker and more accurate I can get these transcriptions done, the better for the parties involved.

On more notes, I am working with Dark Reign, I’m probably repeating an earlier post, but I have signed the contract for Heart of Deception and everything is moving ahead at a steady pace.

The only advice I would have for people today is: Just Breathe! Slow down and take a deep breath if you feel everything is getting on top of you. You will survive whatever is happening and things will get better.

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