It’s still c-c-c-cold

But it’s Simon’s birthday! Well, Monday’s the big day but today we took him out to play minigolf in Midland followed by Grill’d for lunch.

What a great day it was – we had great friends and family and I have no idea who won. I did a few really good rounds and at least Simon was one of the few who got holes in one.

We celebrated Simon’s 50th birthday and he had an absolute ball!

In other news, John McKay’s book, The Venom Protocols is due out tomorrow, 27 June 2021. It’s a gritty, hard look at life as an assassin for the underbelly of New York in the 1980s.

Available through and as an e-book and paperback. Gritty writing and well put together.

I’m going, now, to relax after walking around for over an hour during mini-golf!

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