Away from Home

Okay, so the time has come. I am booked on a flight on Monday 29 November to Melbourne to visit my sister.

It will be an interesting flight as there’s a 90 minute stop-over in Adelaide. Of course, being in National Novel Writing Month, my laptop will be in my carry-on luggage. 90 minutes is a long time to cover!

It’s been an interesting Nano this year. I followed on from last year and did another story with Sam Mitchell. I’ve had lots of feedback on it, so it may get expanded in the future.

One of the things I talked about during the year and got told ‘you absolutely have to write that’, was what would happen if one of those ghost hunting teams (one of the ones who fake everything 😉 ) has unexplained things happen while they’re investigating and at the end of the story a ghost comes right up to them and says really loudly so there’s no fudging it, ‘Boo!’

So, I started that. Although by the end of almost 5000 words, it didn’t end that way. No, I had 2 ‘ghosts’ who weren’t really ghosts and when they argued about how they got to where they were, they were overheard and had to cough up the truth. Even to the fact that they’re a couple of thieves! <sigh>

The joys of pantsing. And, now, I came across something else I got dared to write and guess who’s coming out to play? Yep, one of the aliens! How does this happen? That was supposed to be a one-shot story, not a series of stories! Oh well, let’s see where that one goes!

Having said all that, I’m sitting at 33447. I’ve been this low before and managed to scrape through, so guess what? Don’t talk to me this weekend. I’ve got very itchy fingers! 😀

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