We’re Free!

Of masks – except for some circumstances, but no longer at shops! Yay!

So, a quick update on current works.

Dark Reign (Clans in Conflict Book 2) is with the publisher.

Dangerous Heart (Consequences Book 3) is with the publisher.

The Dark Road (Clans in Conflict Book 3) is 3/4 done – having said that, it may lose almost 3,000 words in the first part which may make a novella for inbetween these two.

Dark Beginnings (prequel to Dark Dimensions – Clans in Conflict Book 4) is on the back burner at the moment.

Paranormal work is on hold until The Dark Road is finished, same with my Warrior Wizard book and my pandemic/dinosaur book.

So, as you can see, there is a lot being worked on. I am still enjoying every minute of writing but I am now in those “filler/connector” scenes of The Dark Road so I am having to push myself to get those done.

Also, we were having a bit of an Indian summer, but now the cold weather has returned. Still sunny, but fresh or cool. Which means lots more walking can be done! 😀

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