Okay, Draft 2 of The Dark Road is complete. I have also split a lot of the chapters up – they were just a tad too long – like really long. There is now 29 chapters in it.

So, I have a little tidying up in it and then i will start listening to it through Word. (Love that feature!)

I’m trying to leave that for tomorrow, however, and give myself a day’s break away from it. It’s hard, though, because I still want to complete it as soon as I can so that everyone can read it.

Dark Reign will be coming out, soon, however, we have as yet to get a date. Same with Dangerous Heart which is the third in the Consequences series.

There is a fourth book to the Clans in Conflict series, but it is more of a prequel and deals with Vlad the Supreme and how he got there.

Also, I have the bare bones for a fourth Consequences, but not completely sure about that one as yet. Still in the pipeline.

Just to remind you all that the books below are available to purchase:

Clans in Conflict

Dark Dimensions

Amazon Australia



Heart of Deception

Amazon Australia


Legacy of Risks

Amazon Australia


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