Yep, it’s that time again. Waiting for Beta Readers to read The Dark Road and provide feedback.

So, I’m going through the gamut of emotions, do they like it? Does it work? Have I separated the characters enough?

All these questions are designed to trip a writer up and trick them into thinking their writing is not good enough and won’t go anywhere. But the secret is to battle your way through the doubt and worry. Just accept that if you enjoyed what you wrote, then others should, also.

I did delete one whole chapter and sent that to a friend for her to confirm it shouldn’t be in there. She agreed with me but said the character interaction was great and the characters were dynamic. She also said it was good to see more of one of the characters from Dark Dimensions who was only very lightly written about in Dark Reign (oh, yes. Still being released).

So, after this ghostwriting, I’ll be working on my paranormal story, for all out there who enjoyed reading about Sam and Nina, as well as my time travel dinosaur/pandemic story.

Also, I will be travelling across the country in August, so these might actually turn into a little travel blog in between writing blogs. I will be taking my writing with me, so I will continue to write a little bit each day (apart from the trek across the paddock).

But I can now hear my court case calling so I will talk to you all soon!

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