Well, having an agent who is willing to help you get the best contract out is amazing. Thanks to my agent, I have been going over Dark Dimensions and I believe I’m adding a whole lot more to the beginning.

It’s something I think every writer needs to do – to revisit their early work after it’s been out there a few years and see if it could be tweaked.

When I wrote Dark Dimensions, I was still in a full-time position and while I was no longer writing training documents, my mind-set was still on writing for business.

After 6 books and working on 7 and 8, I’ve noticed that the books have been getting deeper and deeper and I believe that I was still in a “writing for business” mindset when I wrote Dark Dimensions. I’ve had a lot of positive responses from the drafts I’ve shared and even had one person close to tears at the prologue. That tells me it’s a job well-done. I’m still tweaking, though, and hopefully I’ll finish tweaking really soon.

I encourage all other writers to do this to their early books. I know I’ll have another look at Heart of Deception after this one.

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