Well, today I learned I am probably on the right track. I posted the new prologue to Dark Dimensions to a group of mine and one of them promptly posts “Oh, this makes me want to go back and read it all over again!”

Tick the “excited to read” box!

But seriously, rewriting Dark Dimensions is a monumental task and I’ve actually written a side story for one of the opposing characters to ensure that his reactions in Dark Dimensions are true and correct and to clarify for myself what he would actually know before Troy meets with him.

I’ll be doing that to a few more of the antagonists, too, i think. I don’t think I could write the same for Geophis, I think it would be difficult at the moment, him being such a complex character as such. I’ve done a few of his own scenes when exploring ways to write Dark Beginnings, though, and found them quite interesting.

I am also contemplating rewriting the start of Dark Reign, only to give it that narrative hook at the start.

Same with Heart of Deception. Although the opening scenes are great, I don’t think they capture attention enough, so I’ll make sure I get that before I send it out again.

But, yes, rewriting is a must for these earlier books. The new version is so much more dynamic than the earlier version.

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