ID checks

So, I’ve got a friend who is starting a new job with an international conglomerate.

Wow, the rings they have her running through to get this job is amazing. And it’s not one of those high-level jobs, either.

But it is a job where she works with customers and suppliers, so I suppose they want to make sure she’s genuine.

Because she doesn’t have a passport, she has to basically repeat each request 3 times to get the documents to different areas for checking for the different provisions.

I thought I had trouble when I had to print, sign and then scan back in a contract over 61 pages in length. Thank goodness for Officeworks and their print and copy services. I was able to scan the doc in within minutes and email it to myself. At home we only have a flatbed scanner. I wasn’t about to do it one page at a time!

It’s good to see companies go to this length, though. They’re good ID checks and those who can’t do it probably have dodgy ID docs.

Main thing is, my friend’s paperwork went through and now she just has to wait to see if she is accepted! Fingers are crossed and good luck, friend!

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