Ageing How?

So, my birthday was last week and I thought about how everyone ages. Some age gracefully, others age with dignity and still others age with sadness.

I decided I’m not going to age. I’m just going to keep doing what I always do – live each day as it is. Each day is precious and I’m going to make sure I enjoy each day for the joy it brings as well as the challenges.

Because that is what life is ultimately about. Living life to the fullest and facing challenges head on. That is how we learn and that is how we improve ourselves.

I’m not saying you have to do what I do, I’m just saying that’s what I do.

I know there are people out there struggling to be who they are – to figure out who they are. My heart goes out to them because they are the ones who break walls down between people. They are the ones who challenge our way of thinking and they are the ones who make us think outside the box.

Our legacy to our future is our diversity – no matter what that diversity is. Diversity enriches our lives and our beings – whether you call it a soul, an essence or whatever you call it. I just think that diversity is the herbs and spice of life. (Oh, my. A food reference!)

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