It’s November! Again! And National Novel Writing Month is in full swing.

I wonder if they’ll ever change it to International Novel Writing Month? I suppose IaNoWriMo doesn’t really work – maybe they could try interNational Novel Writing Month? It’d still be NaNoWriMo if you use all the capital letters!

So, I’ve written quite a lot in the project I had planned and I’ll wait for some feedback on that (not telling). In the meantime, I’m writing in the paranormal universe I created with Nina and Sam last year. Remember the haunted dolls head lamp? Yep, those two are back. And they’re fighting to get rid of a daemon this time. Wish the girls luck for me!

On a completely different note, the rewrite of Dark Dimensions has been completed and whilst I have some feedback, I’m still waiting for more. Then I’ll send them the tweaking of Dark Reign as that’s completed and really examine the start of The Dark Road. I think that’s okay, though. I’ve looked over it during the past week and I think the narrative hook is there, etc.

Still waiting on the three published books to be released from their contract so that I can republish them.

And it appears as though I’m going to go down the road of self-publishing. Which is a bit scary for me! But I have a great team behind me in iFlow Creative and my beta readers and other editor as well as my proof-reader, cover art stylist and my techie – because we all need a techie to rejig websites! 😀

Okay, time to get back to Nina and Sam!

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