Warming up again

So, our weather is warming up again. But that’s good because that means I can work on more stuff.

Dark Reign is almost edited, then I’ll be able to move forward.

Unfortunately, I am still waiting for Dark Dimensions to be taken down, so the rewritten version of that will have to wait. I’ll have another look at it once Dark Reign is re-released.

Mind you, I’m itching to get into new works.

I have finished my Creative Writing course and just have to wait, now, for the final score. Hopefully I’ve passed. The feedback I’ve got for the last piece (an opening scene for a play) has been positive, so here’s hoping the tutor thinks the same.

I did go to a Writer’s Festival in Fremantle late yesterday and found that what I’ve been doing is what I should be doing. So, I’ll keep doing it.

Wish I had more, but there will be time that I have more! Until then …

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