Last days of heat – we think

So, I’m sitting here waiting for the vegetables and rice for a rice salad to finish (now cooling), then I’m going to go and veg out in the spa for a short time.

Yes, we have another hot day in paradise. I wonder why that’s the reason I can’t write snow storms?

Dark Reign’s editing is coming along nicely. Once that’s done, I will get proof readers to go over it and then work out the size so that we can get the word count for the cover art.

I have done an unusual thing – I say it’s last minute heat. I have entered a competition. It’s not a very lucrative competition, but it’s a competition all the same. Of course, if I do happen to get a prize out of it, it’ll go toward membership for another year. The competition is Kathryn Suzannah Pritchard’s Spooky story – After Dark and for those who have read the few stories I’ve put up about Nina and Sam Mitchell, it is one of their stories that I’ve put forward.

For anyone who read my short story “Enhanced War”, I have started expanding that and it seems to be gathering strength. Although there is some work to be done as I go with that one.

I have also got the main story of Nina and Sam to almost 58k words and I’ve started looking at that as a whole, so that’s been some fun.

Other than that, there’s not a lot to say! Apart from sorry I’m late yet again!

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