Getting closer

Dark Reign is still being edited but it’s getting closer to the end. So, while we’re waiting on that, I have been working on other stuff as well.

To keep you entertained, here’s another article on different things.


A lot of people do a lot of world building before they start writing. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re a pantser like me, then it can be frustrating. I like to get in and grow my settings along with the story.

I remember reading somewhere – don’t ask where, i can’t remember – that you don’t need to describe every feature of every scene. All you need to do is a few pointers.

Like, if it’s important to the story line, then put it in. Such as wall colour. If it’s written as “the wall was as red as blood”, then write that one of the walls is a red wall.

In Heart of Deception, I had a street lined with Victorian style houses – now, to me, growing up in Melbourne, that describes one of North Melbourne’s streets lined with single-fronted double-storey houses – but it can also have people, especially in Perth, visualise Federation houses lined up. The main thing is that both of those visions have tall, old trees in the front of each house, parading down a wide street like they’re in a street-lined park.

So, by saying a “row of Victorian style houses” I’ve said what I wanted. I’ve also (hopefully) pointed out that the other side of the street is commercial with all the taller buildings you can think of. As this book is still on Amazon Australia, i can make change to it to enhance that before its next release.

I hope that has helped someone in their writing and/or reading endeavours.

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