End of the week

So it’s the end of another week. And it’s cold! I mean, what’s going on, Perth? Normally winter is either wet and warm or cold and dry. This year we’ve had both! And the trees are still shedding leaves which means we’re climate-wise still in autumn. Oh, well. We have had a few great weeks of weather, however, our newly planted herb and vegie patch is not getting rain. Apparently it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. I think?

In the writing world, I believe it pays to keep an open mind about things. Especially new creations. I had a dream last week that – actually I think I’ve mentioned it before … it would lend itself to a group of stories that anyone could write. They just have to be about a haunted prison and a dying town in the middle of a desert. Anyone can write it. Just kidding. hehe.

But we keep working through and eventually something comes out the other end. And that was not meant the way Simon would mean it. No, get your head out of the gutter young man.

While everyone who’s writing probably should write through their hard times where the writing itself is hard, sometimes it pays to write other stuff until the characters themselves say ‘hey, what about us?’ (Wow, since when did they like Moving Pictures?)

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