Forgotten Warmth

I think I’ve forgotten what warm is. It’s getting towards the end of July and the weather is still wet and cold. I wish it would warm up just a little bit – oh, so what if it rains as well?

Having said that, life still goes on. Even with a stubbed toe. Yes, I’ve done it again. All those who are keeping tabs on what I do, I did such a good job this time I nearly ripped the toenail off! How embarrassing to end up in ED (Australia’s version of ER) with just a stubbed toe when everyone one else was down there for this rotten flu that’s hit us hard or broken legs? I had at least attempted to dress my toe. I had got the first aid kit out and being an ex-senior first aid I made sure it was fully equipped (still need to get more) and sat on my chair to clean it and dress it. Got Simon to bring me over some paper towel to mop up the blood and watched as just having my hand on the toe turned the paper red. My comment? “Um, I can’t fix this here!” So, 2 hours later and 4 stitches holding the nail to the toe, we’re on our way home again. Needless to say, after Karma pounced on my toe in bed and I nearly had a skylight in the roof, I ended up out on the recliner. With a doona and 2 cats.

My motto for this: Watch where you put your cross stitch frame!

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