Heat Wave

Well, Sydney can have their heatwaves, Melbourne can have their 42 degree days with their northerly, but I think a week of 41 degrees in December is something none of us were planning on.

It has been scorching here for the last week or so with a couple of days of relief. We are so grateful that we have not had the catastrophic fires that New South Wales and Queensland have had. I’m not going to even speculate on why that is. After all, we still have the rest of summer to get there.

Just to make it clear, in the 31 years I have been in WA, we have never had days in December this hot. It’s always been January, February or March. This is completely unseasonable weather.

As far as writing goes, I did finish NaNoWriMo, putting lots more words into Delta Recoveries and even writing a background story for that. Yes, I do realise it’s against the rules, but NaNoWriMo rules are meant to be bent – if not broken.

In this heat I have imported Souvenirs of a Serial Killer and Dragons Abound into Scrivener. When I get an opportunity, I will do some more work on those. Dark Reign and the Consequences books come first.

On a brief note, I have been asked once again to sit on a panel in GenghisCon and I have been assured that Dark Dimensions will be available online again before that date. Fingers are crossed and the usual “Watch this space”.

I hope to have the links up again very soon so everyone has access to Dark Dimensions.

Until then – “that’s all, folks”!

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