Christmas/New Year

Well, it’s a little late but Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And I’ve done it. I’ve written the bare bones of Consequences 3. It’s taken probably a week or so to get the basics down but I just couldn’t let it go. And the only way it’ll produce another book is probably in the series’ future – roughly 20 years time. In reality? I’m not sure. I must be having fun with the characters and the setting because I tried my darnedest to go back to Delta Recoveries but Albermarle just took over all my thoughts.

It’s probably got a lot of changes to be made – I’m not sure if the main plot line is strong enough, but that’s easily fixed. Because there’s a helluvalot more to write. Currently, it’s not even a novella at less than 20k but there’s so much info missing that there’s no way it’ll be a short story. Not with me, it won’t.

So eventually you will get a 3rd Consequences and hopefully everyone will enjoy it – actually I hope people enjoy the first one, let alone the 3rd one!

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