Hello 2020

Hello to 2020! Wow! That rolls off the tongue. And to think – 100 years ago it would have been called the start of the flappers!

We’ve got 5 years to go before it’s 100 years since Art Deco got its name. And we’re 6 years behind when Art Nouveau was around. Maybe I should have mentioned that sort of thing? Oh well, this is not going to be a “what happened 100 years ago” post.

No, this post is going to include a shout out to all those emergency service personnel across Australia and the defence force who are dealing with fires and supporting infrastructure. Gods, what I’ve seen makes the eastern states look like a scene from an apocalypse movie. To think – some of those fires have been raging since August 2019 – that’s 4 months roughly. So thank you all for doing what you’re doing. You are our lifeblood and I wish I was in someone else’s place so I could say “Stuff everything else – throw money at the emergency services!”

On a different subject, I am writing an interview between Troy and a journalist. Now some scenes roll off the tongue, so to speak, so easily that they write themselves. Not this. This thing is being pulled out, fighting and screaming and I have to fight the impulse to write something easier. But I have to get this out as this will tie in a lot of things and present important information to you all – my audience/readers.

And finally, on a third subject, Happy New Year and I hope 2020 gets better. I hope that these fires can be extinguished soon so that the year can improve. For everyone I know, I hope your year to shine is this year! Especially the kids! Again, Happy New Year!

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