2020 is here

So we are now a 3rd of the way through January 2020, which, to me, means 2020 has arrived. Along with it, it has brought dry weather in Perth, our first “dangerous” fire for the city but more importantly, it has brought wet weather to Melbourne. I’m not sure about whether rain has hit any of the fires, but at least some of the country has rain. Oh and it’s also brought the first Cyclone for Western Australia.

Cyclone Blake landed and was immediately downgraded. But for a while there, we were totally cut off by road from the rest of Australia. I hear there was panic buying as trucks were stranded on either side of the Nullabor. I’m glad we buy fresh vegies because we were still able to buy them. Apparently some of the supermarkets were running out.

Is 2020 the year of songs? I’m not sure – for the whole week I’ve had Smashmouth’s All Star singing to me, then today a friend shared an article calling the fires of NSW “The Ring of Fire” – need I say more – and apparently the Canberra Times had an article titled “The Heat is On”. I’ll let you all decide if it’s a music year or not!

For writing? Everything is coming together nicely and I’ve even had some ideas for the 4th Clans in Conflict book. Which is a relief ’cause I wasn’t sure what the plot was going to be. But, no spoilers here!

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