So we finally have had a break in our extremely hot weather! Simon picked me up from work on Tuesday and we headed home as normal. Well, it was normal until we got to Morley.

Bang! Lightning strikes! All over the place! We even saw 4 or 5 lightning strikes hit the one spot (Yes, we know. We thought the same! The Martians had arrived!)

By the time we got to Noranda, it had started raining. Big, juicy drops that kept coming! By the time we got to the bridge we could barely see the car in front. The only way we knew he was there was because he had his hazards on. Simon says: “Why’s he got his hazards on?”

I looked around, saw the trees were half bent over just as a palm front lands on the road in front of us. We glance at each other and in concert say: “Debris on road!” And Simon turns our hazards on.

For the rest of Benara Rd, well, most of it – and it’s not a short street! – that was how we went – we were lucky to see the front of the bonnet! (If you’re American, that’s the hood!)

Now, we love a big, deep puddle as much as the next person but when Simon attacked one, we lost sight of everything. I looked at him and said: “Don’t do that until the rain stops.” Wisely, he agreed.

So ever since we have had thunderstorms every day! It’s brilliant to get such rain and all the green is coming back! Our ground cover mint is revitalising as is our parsley and basil (summer). We’re hoping the rain is here for more than a week but at the moment, I think it’s hanging around for a week. Finally! It was our turn to get wet!

But, naturally, it means that safest is to turn computers off in a thunderstorm (oh, what’s Australian roulette? Make a phone call during lightning! haha) so therefore writing has been very sporadic. Although I did realise I hadn’t put my Nano writing from November in to Delta Recoveries, so I managed to get that done. My next step is to upload Dark Reign to my tablet and read that at lunchtimes making notes as I do so. Gah! I hate this part of writing. I’d rather just write and write and write. Oh. Hang on. That’s what I’m doing now.

Time to go. Thunder!

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