And we’re back to blue skies and sunny days. Although we did get a little sprinkle on Friday night and yesterday, they didn’t last and only made the ants long for more. I’m sure we’ll get more, though.

Today is a day of returning, too. I tried an experiment which was to take my e-reader to work with my notebook for Dark Reign and start working on getting it altogether. Yep, that was a mistake. By the time I’d finished lunch, I had 5 minutes before catching the lift back up to work. Darn! So, today is the day I’m doing that. After washing, etc., I’m going into the front room and going through this book with the note book beside me and without being distracted by – oh, look, kittens on – Facebook.

I struggle with doing this and editing because I really want to spend my time writing new stuff. But I know it’s something that is super important to do because the less an editor has to do the cheaper it is. So, I do as much using notes from previous editors to make sure I’m doing the right thing. Although one is still complaining about my use of ‘someone else and I’ as opposed to ‘someone else and me’. It’s something I had drummed into me and I can now see where it’s wrong but the fingers and the brain go automatically to ‘I’. I’ll get there, though, I know I will. I’ve quickly adapted to 1 space between full stops and the next sentence – because originally I was going to publish in America and although Pen Knights Press is Canadian, they still use the double space but I’m so used to single space now it’s too hard to go back.

And I don’t know how other writers work but I get plagued by my characters. I had planned the Consequences series to be only 2 books. At the end of the last year I had the barebones of a 3rd book and just the other day I added more to it! Guys, (meaning my characters) I really want to finish books, not write more!

And for those who know my writing, I also have a lot from before publishing that I’d love to get finished and printed. I know Stu’s desperate for Twists Turns and Complications to go up but that needs a helluvalot more work to get there. Hmm, any sugar daddies out there that want to sponsor my early writing days? With a great marketing team?

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