Challenging journey

So, while a lot of people would say that life is and can be a challenging journey, I believe it is a far more challenging journey in today’s situation.

Not to make light of what happened 100 years ago, but for us, this is our most challenging time. And what a time to travel!

While we had a wonderful few days on the Central Coast of New South Wales, we are now paying for it as we head closer to home. It is Monday 23 March and we have made it to Sydney only to learn that WA borders are being closed tomorrow from 13.30. Not only that, but Emirates has temporarily suspended all passenger flights and the regional carrier REX has completely folded.

What will happen from now? No one knows. Will these measures work? Will they do the exact opposite to what is hoped? What I mean, is that while we try to limit the contact between people, we’re not building an immunity to this version of the virus. Does that mean that when the time is up that all of the people who have been self-isolating come out and get the virus in a more deadly form? Or will our self-isolation actually work?

And what happens to people in the hospitality and travel industry? How will they survive? Will the government pay them in exchange for their lack of work? Remember, I have 2 close friends who work in the travel industry and at least one of them is affected by Emirates’ decision. So how are we going to survive? I don’t really want to go to full-time, but it looks like I may need to just to ensure everything is covered.

And will my employer allow me to take 2 weeks off that the govt has said I must take because I’m coming back to WA after the borders close? I have no idea. Given who they’re contracted to, I’m assuming they will because it is a government order.

This is a really bad situation – whether the govt has made it worse or not remains to be seen. They have to do something and from their viewpoint they are doing the very best they can. Whether it is the right thing or not, we have yet to find out.

Maybe this is the time we take back our manufacturing from overseas so that our travel and hospitality staff have some work that they can take on.

One thing I think will be interesting and may actually fall over is the employment provider situation. I really don’t think this is sustainable in this situation and it will be interesting to watch. They may actually give it their all during this time and actually help people. But that also remains to be seen.

We are in a completely new environment, both working, living and shopping. Hopefully, we’ll come out of it on the other side a more enlightened society.

2 thoughts on “Challenging journey

  1. I am pretty sure that people physically distancing themselves will flatten the curve of contagion. That means more who suffer will get better treatment. That will save lives. The epidemiologists have studied that thoroughly and it’s been demonstrated for Civid-19 already.

    Even. If the same number of people contract the disease over time, it will save lives.


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