A New World

So this week we have entered a new world.

While Simon and I enjoyed our short trip to Terrigal, because we couldn’t change our flight to get back before the borders to Western Australia closed, we are now on self-isolation for 2 weeks. And after his last piece of driving last night, Stu was told to go home and wait for them to contact him. Apparently his work has shut the office down and the general manager is doing everything from his home. That doesn’t mean Stu won’t get any work, but apparently the franchise drivers will get it first as he drives buses not cars. Pity we didn’t have the $75k to take on that franchise when it came up.

And Simon is keeping up-to-date on his job through the net, using emails and notices his work is sending out.

How did we come to this? All brought down by a common cold virus (I’m not making a statement, here) that is highly contagious. We all lived through SARS and the swine flu and nothing was shut down. The difference this time is that this one is highly contagious. The others weren’t so contagious.

We’re now living in an apocalypse movie! Wasn’t there Outbreak? And then half the new zombie movies started with a virus getting loose. Welcome to their world. There is also talk of China getting a second wave as their travellers return home from the new hotspots like Europe, Australia and the USA. Where will it end?

On the other side of the coin, as writing friends say – this fits completely in with a writer’s lifestyle – live at home, never go out. The difference, however, is that we can go out – as writers that is. Currently, Simon and I are only allowed out to attend medical appointments. I can’t wait for Easter for that to be over.

So all the dystopian writers out there – get writing – you’ve got a ready-made apocalypse to write!

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