Corona Days

So we’re into our second week of self-isolation and while we haven’t killed each other and we’ve gone through the shed and the linen closet, I’ve had time to do some writing and some editing. So it hasn’t been a waste of time. However, I’m also looking forward to being able to go and do my own grocery shopping without Stu having to do it alone for the 3 of us.

What concerns me is that because a lot of work has closed down, the amount of people on the trains has decreased – apparently by 85% so our trains are now on Saturday timetables – which means I’m going to have to time leaving work precisely ’cause half the trains won’t be there.

Or I just get a lift to and from work.

The upside of this is that all of our blinds have been up each day and now the cats take a running leap into my room. My blinds are usually down while I’m at work or slitted if I’m home. They think it’s brilliant that they can look out of mine even though the view is similar to that of the lounge room.

I don’t know what is going to happen in the next few weeks, I don’t know if it’s going to be worse or better in the future. I have no concept of when this is going to end and while subconsciously I feel it is waaaay over the top, we have to abide by what the government says.

Currently we have a reducing number of those affected in our state and we hope it stays that way so that we can go back to behaving like we were. Hopefully, it will all be worth it in the end and we come out to a better world than when we went in.

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