End of Self-isolation

Well, what a relief to be able to go out yesterday afternoon! Albeit, it was only to the doc’s, the chemist and to a chook farm to buy eggs. But oh, just to have the choice to go out or stay in whichever you wanted to do made a world of difference.

But let me get back to things.

So I sent out a novel to beta readers last weekend and while I’m waiting for some of them to respond, I’ve had response from one of my most critical friends. Meaning he provided such good feedback that I have been working hard on that instead of my other works in progress. Those, I feel I need a break from and I really had no idea how to move forward with this one. The story is finished but there was a lot needed doing in it and I think I have what I need to make it so much better. At the moment it sits just shy of 50k but I’m sure with these updates it’ll end up being a helluvalot more.

What’s one of the interesting things I’ve done is decided to use 2 A4 notebooks I bought from a shop closing down (still paid an arm and a leg but they’re gorgeous) as info on people, places and things like that and, maybe, an outline.

I’ve actually managed to write a bit of a backstory to this, so hopefully that will solve a lot of issues with the new version. I’m all excited by this one, now! Hehe I’ll probably get sucked back into Consequences 3, though. There’s something about the MC in that that keeps grabbing my attention….

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