Advice from others

So, I read an article last night – or yesterday – that says that writers who complain about parts of their craft should be taught not to. Well, I must say, I can be guilty of that.

My all-out love of writing is action scenes and dialogues. The fact that I don’t write in a chronological-type manner – from start to finish – means that there are scenes in between the action and dialogue that I must fill in. And as I participate in Nanowrimo, then sometimes I’m out for getting the wordcount done. Which means I concentrate on those scenes I love writing. Which leaves me to write what I call filler scenes later. Which is probably my fault because I haven’t written them during Nanowrimo.

My point of mentioning this is, although I might say ‘filler scenes are the worst’ or ‘I miss writing action or dialogue’, these scenes that I call ‘filler’ scenes are really linking scenes and without them, the book would not work. Knowing that, I also know they must be written and I am the one who will write them. So, please, don’t believe me (really) when I say I hate them. I just don’t like them as much as I do the other scenes.

Same with editing. I may say I hate editing, but I don’t really. I find that editing is what refines what comes out of my head and goes on the page and makes it easier for readers to read. That is what I am aiming for. An easy read. I just prefer writing new works.

So I’d like to finish by saying that I appreciate all aspects of my craft, from action scenes, to linking scenes to editing. Now, cover art? That’s one I’m not sure of …. just kidding.

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