Okay, I apologise for being late with this post. Having said that, a lot has happened over the last week.

Well, then again, maybe not.

Although I have written quite a bit which I’m pleased about and, although I don’t normally do this, I have to say that Joseph Michael’s training on Scrivener is quite good. I’ve learnt a few things more about Scrivener that I hadn’t found on my own. Which works for me. Still can’t afford his lessons but the free one I did had some gems in it for me. Now I just have to wait until 3 is out there (I’m on a PC not a Mac).

So, writing has been a bit of a challenge. Mainly ’cause I’m back at work for 4 days a week instead of 3. I really did like that 3 days a week. Doesn’t matter. Once the planes are back flying, everything will go back to normal. (We hope.)

On that note, it seems that Stu is doing a bit more work than he does normally. Mainly ’cause they’ve picked up Qantas quarantine busing. Which keeps him occupied but doesn’t help when he wants to put our new raised veggie bed together!

I found it great to be back at work – I think because I was forced to stay at home and that it wasn’t my decision to do so. And I have a possible lead into having a booth at Supanova when it’s next on in Perth (all the ooos and ahhhhhs).

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