Weird Weather – again

So, we had 2 days last week where it was bitterly cold – and it rained before then. So, I go to work on Monday thinking I have to catch the train and bus, better take a coat. Get out of work and it’s warm. What the hell? It’s May! It should be around 14 degrees but it was in the 20s!

I remember my first winter in Perth. I lived in Balcatta at the time and it was a cold hole! I used to bus it everyday into town and walk about 10 mins from the bus to work. It was not unusual for it to be 2-3 degrees at 7am – which is just before daybreak. Understandable.

At the time, I thought ‘oh, it’s just like Melbourne – without the sleet!’

But now? Tuesday we had 27 degrees! 27! That’s too warm for this time of the year! Even our house says it’s supposed to be colder. We walked into the house on Wednesday night and you could tell the bricks had absorbed the cold. It was downright chilly inside. Outside? Warm, pleasant – inside? Where’s the wood for the fire???

But, enough of that. I have to tell you that it took 3000 words and 2 scenes to finally kill off the baddie in Consequences 3. And I think it was a wake-up call for our friendly hero but I think I also stayed true to his original character – after all, he did start on the wrong side of the law but redeemed himself through his actions.

It was a tough scene to write as I had to really focus on what I wanted him to go through in this scene and to make sure the lead-up was set up correctly. Then, of course, just to pick on him, I threw in wild weather and jittery horses. Poor man.

But he came through it – not unscathed but no one would.

And that’s all I’m going to say. Tough scenes like that can take a while to write, but the idea is to keep at them until you get through them. Ho hum. Of course, work came in the way, too. But I got there in the end. (Says she as she trots off to tidy it up and write the aftermath …)

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