Okay, so I had a sore throat and blocked/sniffly nose (yeah, go figure – blocked in the morning, sniffly in the arvo). But, having that in this environment means a teleconference call with a doc. So, doc calls me back before the appointed time (some of these work well, but I don’t like it) and we discuss my symptoms. He says it doesn’t sound like I have covid19 but protocols now are that I have to be tested.

So, Stu comes home from work and we head down to the local covid19 clinic. Wow! That was an interesting test – doesn’t help if you have a broken nose. But test came back all clear. No covid19. Phew!

So you ask, what have I been doing with my non-covid19 but probably coronavirus flu? Watching a bit of tv and sleeping – often at the same time. Hmm, must go back and watch season one of Supergirl again. I think I missed some episodes.

But back to work on Monday. And to think – I actually had a cake to take in last Monday!

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